The Crazy World of Celebrity Weddings (part 1)

If you are a star gazer into the universe of celebrities, then you probably know every outrageous celebrity wedding trivia out there. You made sure not to miss “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” and know all the details on the Jessica Biel-Justine Timberlake nuptials. But how well do you really know the wedding of the stars?

Ace any Hollywood weddings trivia quiz by running through the details below. You may already know some of them, while the other tidbits may be the additional luster you need in your knowledge of celebrity weddings.

The Business in Pre-Nup

Reportedly, Katie Holmes’ pre-nup with Tom Cruise stated that she will receive $3 million per year of their marriage, or in the event of a divorce, she is to receive half of Cruise’s fortune after the eleventh year of their marriage.


And in June 2012, the couple divorced, which should’ve entitled Holmes to $15 million. However, based on recent reports, Holmes supposedly will get no spousal support but will only receive $400,000 annually for child support until Suri turns 18.

Wedding in Country Fashion

Aside from donning a suit jacket, vest and tie, country singer Blake Shelton wore Wrangler jeans and boots to his wedding – a true mark of country flair. Complementing his style, bride Miranda Lambert wore cowboy boots with her wedding gown.

The 2011 wedding came after the couple had a six-year relationship and became engaged in 2010. Miranda shares how important it was for her that Blake asked her father for her hand in marriage. She believes that “every man should ask the girl’s dad for her hand.”

The Bride All Dressed in Black

In her 1997 wedding to Mathew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black dress. However, the fashion forward star eventually regretted this decision and says that given another opportunity, “I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day.” Luckily for the couple, the black dress wasn’t any sort of misfortune as Sarah and Mathew are blessed to still be together with three kids.


The two had one of the most famous secret celebrity weddings where they invited close friends to New York in what the friends thought was a just a party. The two gave away pieces of wedding cake with a note from Sarah that read “Put this under your pillow, and dream of your true love.”

Scene Stealer Entourage

A star studded wedding party it was for Liza Minelli and David Gest. Their best man was none other than the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson while the Maid of Honor was the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor. Other stars in their wedding list were Robert Wagner, Janet Leigh, Mia Farrow, and Chaka Khan. In 2003 Minelli and Gest separated after 16 months of marriage.


Gest vowed his love to Minelli with the words: “You make me a complete person. You are everything to me and I will love you forever.” But those words were just words after all, as the marriage ended in one of the most controversial and nastiest divorces in Hollywood history.

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