The Different Styles of Wedding Cars

To decide on what car model you should rent for your wedding, you first need to know your basic choices. As a rule, always keep your wedding in mind as you look through your different wedding car options. Even if you and your wife-to-be already have a particular type of car in mind, it is still best to check your options to get the car that suits both your wedding and your personalities.

Wedding cars can be categorized into three main groups: traditional, modern, and novelty.



For project timeless elegance on your wedding, choose vintage car models, such as the 1933 Rolls Royce or the 1930 Chrysler 66. For a vintage wedding car, see to it that it is well-maintained both in the interior and the exterior. Popular classic wedding cars are Rolls Royce and Jaguars, which provide a more luxurious driving. Classic Bentleys, Daimler Limousines, Cadillac Convertibles, Ford Skyliners and any pre-1960 Pontiacs are also great options.

What’s great about the traditional or classic bridal car is that its vintage style gives you an old world feel to your wedding that would be perfect for a fairytale theme. Whether you choose a vintage automobile of the post-World War I to 1930’s era or the classic models that came after, the traditional bridal car models can give you a magical and remarkable send-off as newlyweds.



Modern car models are the best choice for a contemporary-themed or urban wedding. The famous luxury and executive lines of Mercedes Benz S Class and E Class are considered by many to be the perfect styles for a modern day wedding. Another popular choice is the stylish and modern Porsche.

Other modern models are from top of the line Bentley, such as its Continental Flying Spur, the White or Silver Executive and the Baby Bentley Limousines. These modern style cars are sleek and have a sense of luxury that will perfectly complement your wedding. You can also get a modern, stylish vibe from sports cars, such as the White BMW 320i Cabriolet or the sleek two-seater convertible Silver Porsche Boxter.



For a wedding carriage with your couple’s personality in it, go for a novelty bridal car. If you want your car to be simple, intimate, and quirky then choose the VW Beetle or a 1998 Rover Mini Cooper. Reigning this category are the Volkswagen models, which include the “Big Ron”, a stretched version of the Beetle (sort of like a limousine Beetle).

Novelty cars can be difficult to find, however, although you can refurbish an old car owned by any of your elder relatives. Just make it look special for its grand role in your wedding day as the carriage that will whisk you off to your happily ever after.

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