The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

When you were still a little girl, you probably have fantasized the wedding dress that you will be wearing someday. But as you grow older, you realized that there are a lot more things to consider when it comes to choosing a wedding gown. The process of looking for the perfect one can actually be very strenuous once things like cost, style, and fit comes to the surface. But you don’t have to worry anymore. We’ve put together a “dos and don’ts” list when shopping for a wedding gown. By following these, you will find the idea of picking a wedding dress stress-free and enjoyable, just like you did as a kid.


The DOs

Incorporate your look to your location. If you’re planning for a church wedding and a formal reception, look for a classic style gown, such as ball gowns or A-line wedding dresses. If you’re doing your wedding ceremony in a garden or park, a strapless gown made of light fabric, like silk, would match the outdoor setting of the affair. For a wedding on the beach, a flirty knee- or tea-length dress matched with laced sandals or cute flip flops, or even barefoot, would definitely go well with your non-traditional wedding.

Bring one or two friends with you when shopping. Choose that friend who you think has an eye for fashion and is honest enough to tell straight to your face what looks good or not on you. Make sure to bring not more than two trusted friends if you don’t want to create confusion because of too many opinions and suggestions.


Keep It Simple. Remember! Simple is elegant. If you’re unsure of the style of dress that will perfectly flatter your figure, try searching in the selection of wedding dresses with simple cuts and styles. Usually, an A-line dress goes well with any body type, as well as the full skirt or ball gown style. Also, consider what activities you will be doing most of time. Choose a comfortable style of gown even after hours of ceremony and reception program.

The DON’Ts

Schedule fitting appointment late in the day. If you want an energetic vibe and a welcoming atmosphere from the wedding shop staffs, schedule wedding dresses fitting appointment early in the day, when everyone hasn’t dealt yet with millions of bridal gown concerns.  It’s even better if you get the first appointment slot in the morning. In this time, the store is less crowded and all the staffs’ attention is focused on you.


Give more attention to the top of the gown. Most Singapore brides pay more attention to the skirts of the wedding dresses they see in shops. Bridal gown skirts, such as long trail, full skirt, mermaid style, A-line, and so forth, are considered as the major factor in choosing a wedding gown style. However, many Singapore bridal consultants strongly advice that the top of the gown should also receive equal attention. Remember that the top of the gown is what your guests will notice most and what appears most in your wedding photographs.

Try on another gown after you have chosen the right one. Doing so will only make you feel uncomfortable with your first choice and make you feel insecure, which you really don’t need. What you need is to feel comfortable with your choice and astound your guests and your groom as you walk down the aisle with glamour and confidence.

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