The DO’s of Marriage Proposal

Ready to spend the rest of your life with her? These suggestions will help you get a resounding “Yes” when you finally pose the big question.

engagement ring in a box
Proposing to your girlfriend doesn’t come easy to most men. There will always be that mist of apprehension and a lack of certainty whether you’re doing it right. Well, we’re here to help. Here are 10 things you must remember to do when you finally ask, “Will you marry me?”

Do prepare for it. While being spontaneous can be very romantic, you really would want to be prepared when proposing something as important as marriage. You need to be certain about your feelings and that there are no objections to what you’re proposing. Practice your lines, get her in a good mood, and confidently express your love for her.

Do know the situation. Are you and your partner fully committed to each other? What are her feelings about having a family? If you think that she isn’t ready to settle down yet, then it’s probably not the time to propose getting married. Don’t take her completely off guard as that may only get you a hesitant affirmation, or worse.

Do get her the right ring. She’ll be wearing the engagement ring for a long time – she might even never take it off. So make sure that you buy a ring that suits her style. You can shop for the ring by yourself (if you know here well enough) or with someone close to her, like her mother or best friend. Though a little unusual, you can also ask her directly about what type of ring she wants.

Do inform her parents. Your decision to get married will not only affect you. Almost just as much, it will also affect your parents, so it’s best to let them know about your plans and ask for their blessing. In Singapore, where tradition is still highly valued, asking her parents’ permission is not only advisable, it’s practically compulsory. Moreover, her parents may even be able to help you with your proposal.

Do pick a romantic spot. The spot where you propose will be symbolic of your love, so do make it as special as you can. It can be in a simple place that is significant to your relationship, or it can be on one of the many romantic spot in Singapore, like at the Marina in the evening or in a cable car to Sentosa.

Do go down on one knee. This isn’t entirely about tradition. The gesture of going down on one knee is important because it shows your devotion to her and that you are willing to place yourself below her as you begin your new life together. Also, it’s just so darn romantic, and that’s what your girl expects from you.

Do make it personal. You’ll only propose once, so you better give it your best shot. Set the stage and incorporate the things that have a special value in your relationship when you ask the big question. You can ask her while in the middle of a dance or at the end of a song – however you want to propose, do make it special and memorable.

Do surprise her. Even if you’ve discussed getting married before, the actual proposal should still have an element of surprise to it. Choose a time when she’s sort of expecting the question, but still won’t see it coming until you finally ask.

Do make a short speech. Think of your proposal as a necklace: the question “Will you marry me?” is the pendant, and your speech the chain where it hangs on. Before you pop the big question, tell her how special she is and how you feel about her, tell her how important she is to you and how you can only envision the rest of your life with her beside you.

Do spread the word. While it is ideal that the proposal involve just you and your partner, you should let the most important people in your lives know about it and share your happiness. They will wish you well and you will feel happier about the new path you’ve taken as a couple.

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