The Groom’s Guide to Planning a Perfect Wedding Part 1

Traditionally, the wedding has been more special to the bride than to the groom and the event has been thus, normally, planned and prepared under her direction. But before you tell your fiancé to do whatever she wants and have a drink with your buddies, you should know that there are still quite a number of things a groom ought to take care of to make sure that the wedding proceeds perfectly. Here is the first part to our groom’s guide to wedding planning.

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Understanding Your Basic Duties

If you think you can just sit back and let your fiancé handle everything, then you’re wrong, very much so. Wedding planning and preparation is a huge task and she’ll need all the help she can get – from you, more than anyone else. And we’re not talking about paying for the event (which, to be fair, is no longer expected to be just your main responsibility anymore) but about being part of the decision-making.

Together with your fiancé, you’ll have to decide what kind of wedding you’ll have, where in Singapore you’ll be holding it, whether you’ll hire a professional wedding planner, and which vendors and service providers you’ll contract. Other than that you also have certain responsibilities that you have to do by yourself, such as choosing your best man and groomsmen, physically and mentally preparing for the wedding, and getting your tuxedo or suit done.

Showing Your Support

Ideally, you should have a sit-down with your fiancé to discuss all the important matters of your wedding and draft your wedding planning checklist. If this doesn’t excite you as much as attending a football game does, we don’t blame you. Indeed, wedding planning could be terribly boring for most Singapore men, but it’s something your partner most probably delights in and she’d be much happier doing it with you.

While you may not be expected to show a very deep interest about the details of your wedding, you should show that you care enough to at least consider your options and pick your favorites. Remember, simply saying, “Whatever you like, dear” is almost like saying that you find the wedding unimportant and that you couldn’t be bothered about it.

Sharing in the Hard Work

Once you’ve fully realized what your wedding will entail and, hopefully, volunteered to take care of some of the wedding tasks, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. If you’re being the modern, considerate fiancé, you’ll have a lot on your plate, which is why it’s important that you carefully select your best man and groomsmen, who, apart from giving you a merry time on your bachelor party, will also be responsible for assisting you with anything related to your wedding.

Among the things you can request of your men are to usher people at your wedding ceremony, follow-up on some of your wedding assignments, and to create some light entertainment at the reception. If you pick truly reliable pals, then you’re part of the wedding preparation may be as easy as delegating the right tasks to the right people.

Showing Your Own Style
Nowadays, more and more grooms in Singapore are putting their own stamp on their wedding. They’re also being more active in the decision-making and, in some cases, even present novel and unexpected ideas. If you want to make your wedding more special, you should consider giving your bride a pleasant surprise at the ceremony, such as by hiring a choir to sing your theme song as she walks down the aisle or by filling your wedding venue with her favorite flowers.

Another way you can show your style is by putting a spin on your wedding outfit. While you have to wear the arranged attire, you can have it customized a bit to reflect your personality and history, such as by using your favorite colors or by giving it some cultural design.

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