The Groom’s Guide to Planning a Perfect Wedding part 2

While it is normally the bride to take the lead in the planning and preparation of the wedding, there are still certain essential tasks that the groom needs to do himself. So if you think preparing for your wedding is a simple matter – man, think again. Here we present five important points you have to carefully prepare for to make sure that you’re in perfect condition for your wedding day.

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Your Wedding Attire

There are three main factors to consider when choosing your wedding attire: the formality of the wedding, your venue, and whether you’ll observe cultural or traditional customs. In Singapore, weddings have been widely influenced by the West and most grooms today wear either a suit or a tuxedo, depending on how formal the wedding will be. In some weddings, a different attire may be more appropriate, such as a white dress shirt and khaki slacks tandem for a beach wedding.

Another option is to wear a traditional garb, such as a samping and tanjak for a Malay wedding, or a Sharwani suit for an Indian wedding. Of course, you should coordinate with your fiancé so that your outfits match up, and you may even order your attires from the same vendor in Singapore.

The Bachelor’s Party

Now, you won’t be organizing your own bachelor’s party (that’s your best man’s role), your task is to make it through without any lasting effects or without doing anything that would upset your wife-to-be. Trust us, this is actually more challenging than it may seem.

In fact, the bachelor’s party has been transferred from being held on the night before the wedding to an earlier date because too many grooms have staggered into their wedding after partying too much the night before. So when you go to your stag party, do enjoy yourself but don’t forget that you are as good as a married man and that anything you do will probably have consequences come the next day.

Getting the Look

Your partner will be at her most beautiful on the day of the wedding, and so you too should be on your dashing best on that day. Try to exercise regularly as your wedding date approaches to get a leaner, more attractive physique. You should also look for a hairstyle expert in Singapore who can help you get the perfect hairdo for your wedding.

Another way to improve your looks is to get a facial treatment, which could rejuvenate your skin and even help you relax. Most experts advise that you have your hair cut two weeks before the wedding and your facial treatment three days before, plus a thorough shave the night before the big day.

A Special Gesture

In most cultures in Singapore, it’s already expected that the groom present some gifts or tokens to the bride and her family. But apart from this tradition, you can still give your wife-to-be another gift to make her feel more special.

Jewelry is a popular choice for this, as well as dresses and perfumes. You should also pick a gift for your best man and groomsmen to show your appreciation for their assistance. Some good gift ideas for your pals are key chains, Swiss army knives and tickets to a sports event or a concert.

Last Minute Checks

Your wedding can put a lot of pressure on you and your bride, but you have to stay cool and composed through it all even as you juggle all the last minute tasks. Two or three days before the big day, you and your partner should work together to check that everything is in order: the vendors and other hired services, the principal guests, the venue, etc.

If you’re having your honeymoon outside of Singapore, you should also make sure that your flight and your baggage have been secured. On the night before the wedding, you should also already have your speech off pat and then get a good night’s sleep. Finally, on the big day, arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony schedule, stand at the altar, and wait for the next chapter of your life to start.

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