The Last Minute Wedding Ring Checklist

Still panicking even after most of your plans have been finalized and are in fact being executed as we speak? Still jittery even after you have chosen your desired wedding ring? Well, to put your mind at ease, here is a mini-checklist. If you can declare “Check!” after reading every question (and the description below the question itself), then we can safely assure you that yes, you are ready for your wedding and yes, your wedding ring is what you truly want.

Wedding Rings

1. Have you done enough homework?

Before you went on a wedding ring hunt, did you do sufficient research? If you’re not sure what you did was sufficient, recall what made you go on an actual hunt itself. Was it because you could not wait any longer, or did you think that you have already found the most amount of relevant knowledge you needed? Did you buy or choose your ring on impulse? Was it a “love at first sight”? Or was it chosen after much thought? Do you think about it all the time or do you think about other rings you saw but did not ultimately choose? If you did enough research, fell in love with the ring you chose when you saw it and still think about it all the time even after ordering it then yes, you are on the right track. If you chose the ring on an impulse then it probably means that you already knew what you wanted already or you chose it because you are running low on time. If you chose your ring after much thought then it probably means that you considered all factors of the equation and you are safe as well.

2. Was your budget for the rings viable?

The worst thing that can happen to a wedding couple is to be “broke” or to be fretting over finances before you are actually married. Your budget has to be comprehensive enough such that you will have enough left over once your wedding is over. In addition, it is not pragmatic to spend most of your budget on your wedding bands only. There are other considerations as well. As a guide, your wedding bands should not amount to more than 3% of your total wedding expenditure which would include spending such as reception, music, photography and of course, not forgetting, your attire.

3. Is it QCed?

We all know what’s like to be working with a budget, or even a very tight budget. As such, you might have settled with a not-so-high-ended ring for now. Well, whether or not you have gotten a ring from a well-known and/or reliable jeweler, or a ring that came from a neighbourhood jeweler, you should always check for its quality, or rather, QC (quality-check) it. First of all, your ring size – see if it fits. Next, you would probably have a design that you requested for so check the design for any flaws or any details that have been overlooked. Last of all, check for the quality of the metal by checking for the manufacturer’s trademark as well as the quality mark or even the diamond-grading, even though this would not have been one of your considerations as we trust that you would have approached a jeweler that you trusted, or was recommended to you, the bottom line is: check.

4. Is it at least an 8/10 ring?

By now, you should already know that this piece of jewelry that you are purchasing is not something that you can buy on a whim, nor can you decide to leave it in your jewelry store when you no longer fancy it. It is probably the piece of jewelry that you will be putting on for the rest of your life, which is why you have been searching so hard for the one you know you will never get tired of. So other than being heartened by the emotional and intangible value that comes along with the ring – you know, the promise, the covenant etc – you should be satisfied with the physical aspect of it as well. If you would rate your wedding (or engagement) ring an 8/10, I’d say, you have chosen a ring that would fit you decently.

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