The Other Woman in His Life

There is one woman in this world with whom you will have to share your partner’s love and affection. No, she’s not his mistress—she’s his mom, the woman to whom he is forever indebted to for raising him to be the man that he is.

mother in law & daughter in law

You and your boyfriend have become really close and you think he might finally be “the One”. Your relationship has moved on from “exclusively dating” to talking about actually getting married and having your own family. So one night while having dinner, he tells you that his mother is now excited to meet her future daughter-in-law, and would like to have lunch with you soon.

While your typical reaction may be to go into panic mode and try to avoid the meeting as much as you can, refrain from doing so. Realize that this is actually a great opportunity and a major milestone in your relationship.

What you should do, when you finally meet the woman that brought the man you love into this Earth, is to give her your warmest embrace—and make the best impression that you can. Keep in mind that you will be spending the rest of your life with her son, and some days you would probably spend with her too. So do your best to win her approval, and in the process strengthen your relationship.

Now, here are a few tips you should follow to ensure you that your future mom-in-law has a favorable impression of you:

1.  Avoid touching your partner too often. As far as your future mother-in-law is concerned, he’s her boy, and you putting your arms around him might make her feel threatened that you’re taking him away from her. Take it easy; you’ll have lots of time to touch your boyfriend however you want once you’re alone.

2.  Don’t overdo your make up. While it’s advisable to show her your most winning side, putting on heavy make-up might give her the impression that you’re not showing her your true self. Just put on some nude make-up and act natural. Besides, you wouldn’t want her to think that you’re a vain girl, right?

3.  Wear a stylish but simple dress. Mothers love to see their daughters in a pretty dress, and so as you’re her future daughter-in-law, she’d like you to look radiantly beautiful. Your best choice is probably a floral sundress for its ultra-feminine yet wholesome look, and as it suggests a happy disposition.

4.  Bring her some flowers. Most women love receiving flowers and displaying it in their homes. A flower from you will act as a symbol of your submission and desire to please her. Flowers can always brighten both emotional and physical space, and specially in Chinese culture, are associated with happiness and respect.

5.  Give sincere compliments. The ultimate goal in your meeting is for you to get your future mother-in-law’s approval, and the easiest way to do that is to make her feel good about herself. However, don’t give compliments just for it’s own sake—it has to be sincere and heartfelt. Otherwise, you’ll come off as being devious.

A nice first impression from your future mother-in-law would mean a lot to your sweetheart. It is like forging a bond between the two most important women in his life. While his mother may not totally accept you as the newest member of their family just from the first meeting, doing the above tips are sure to give her a good impression of you that is necessary in making her love you as her daughter-in-law.

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