The Proposal (Part 1)

If you’ve watched enough romance flicks, you would know that The Proposal is one of the things that most girls spend a long time dreaming about (that, The Ring and the wedding to come after The Proposal). The most memorable movie proposal has to be from “Sweet Home Alabama” where the lead female character (played by Reese Witherspoon) was proposed to by her boyfriend (played by Patrick Dempsey) in a Tiffany store.

Surprise Proposal

Now, you may be wondering what was so memorable about the above proposal? Allow us to explain The 3 Factors that made it memorable:

1. It had a surprise element – Reese Witherspoon’s character did not know where she was as she was led through the darkness to the Tiffany store.

2. It took place in a Tiffany store – The Tiffany store with the little blue box that girls love. The Tiffany store with the famed (and very expensive) 6-pronged diamond ring that girls dreamed of wearing on their fingers after their boyfriends propose to them with it.
Knowing how very expensive the rings from Tiffany can be, this scene in the movie represents that act of extravagant love that tells the girl that she is loved and valued by the man who just asked her to marry him. (Refer to earlier article on The Ring)

3. They were alone in that store – This would mean that Patrick Dempsey’s character had to plan in advance and make arrangements for the store to be available to just the two of them that night as he proposed. He also had to make arrangements for the staff of the store to turn off all the lights in the store and only flip them back on cue.

Fret not if your pockets aren’t as deep as Patrick Dempsey’s character in the movie! It does not mean that you will never be able to propose to your girlfriend. The 3 Factors we have listed above can be applied in your proposal! Let’s examine the principles behind each of The 3 Factors in detail so you can better understand how to apply them.

The First Factor

Reese Witherspoon’s character was not expecting the proposal and was very surprised when her boyfriend got down on one knee to ask her to marry him. While it may not be something you want to do 8 months into your relationship (as it was in the movie), you may want to propose after the 2 of you have talked about marriage and decided through your conversations that it is something you both are prepared for.

Your proposal that would come just after a period of what seemed like inactivity on your part would most certainly bring the element of surprise to her!

Do note that the period of inactivity to your girlfriend should not take too long as your conversations with her about marriage would be creating a sense of anticipation within her. She will be left wondering where those conversations about marriage would lead.

Just like a much-anticipated victory for your favorite soccer team that turned into a defeat after you have watched and cheered intently for, your girlfriend would similarly feel very disappointed if your proposal to her does not happen after all those conversations you have had with her.

Aside from timing your proposal, it is also the time for you to put all of the things you know about your girlfriend into it. By the time you are ready to propose to your girlfriend, you would have known her likes and dislikes, personality, habits, beliefs and even her idea of a dream proposal.

Most girls tend to believe that their boyfriends don’t pay enough attention to what they say, what they like, what they enjoy, etc. When you include all of the elements of what you know about her into the proposal, you would also be surprising her with just how much you have been paying attention all along!

So guys, it’s time to sit up and really pay attention to her!

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