The Proposal (Part 2)

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The Second Factor

The proposal scene in the movie took place in a Tiffany store. Now, as we have mentioned above, the little blue box from Tiffany represents many things to girls.

It could be from the years of very successful marketing and advertising campaigns that tell girls that all perfect proposals needed to include the six-pronged diamond ring. Or maybe it was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, a movie classic that helped to birth this notion.

One principle you can apply from this would be – The Ring is very important to girls. It represents your heart for her and how much she thinks she is worth to you. The research you have poured into buying The Ring will show her how much you value this proposal. It also tells her that you understand the importance of The Ring to her and you value her so much that you were willing to put in the effort.

It may not necessarily be a ring in the little blue box wrapped in white ribbon from the famed jeweler, but know that as long as it is a ring that represents your effort and that you were willing to give her the best that you can afford, that is more than enough.

The Third Factor

What makes a proposal a special memory to be cherished by the both of you in time to come? Yes, you read right – it is not a memory cherished lovingly by the ladies, but by the lads too! It is the again the amount of effort you took to plan and execute the proposal that counts!

In the movie, Patrick Dempsey made special arrangements for them to be alone in the store. While your proposal may not necessarily be an exact replay of that scene in the movie, it would also require effort on your part to plan out the proposal.

For instance, if part of your proposal plan includes a romantic candlelit dinner, you may need to research on the venue in terms of location, directions to get there, ambience, etc. We have heard of stories of guys getting lost while on their way to the restaurant and their girlfriends had to lead them there instead!

Of course, if the both of you already have a favorite restaurant, you can save some effort on this. But please do remember to make a booking in advance because having to wait in line for 30 minutes for dinner will rather spoil your mood! You can also pre-order her favorite wine or dessert, or have a band to serenade her.

Aside from arranging for them to be in the store alone, Patrick Dempsey also enlisted the help of the staff in the store to turn off the lights and to flip it back on cue. You could also consider involving family and friends in your proposal as having them there to witness and share the joy of your successful proposal would be part of your shared memories too!

Now that we have dissected the principles behind The 3 Factors of a proposal, you can now begin to plan your unique proposal and we wish you every success!

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