The Wedding Dress Index: A-K

There is no other dress more special to a woman than the one she wears on her wedding. And for this reason each bride should take measures to ensure that her wedding dress is in its most beautiful – as she is – on her wedding day. This is the first part of our wedding dress checklist:

beautiful bride

Accessories complete the outfit

It’s the bride’s accessories – her bouquet, her shoes, and, yes, her lingerie too – that enhances the beauty of the bride and her wedding dress. These should, therefore, compliment each other or have the same style.

Bridesmaids should play their part

The bridesmaids should help the bride all through the event – from the wedding planning, to the shopping, to the day of the wedding. Their most important role, however, is to help the bride with her wedding dress.

Check the dress, always

It’s important that the bride check the workmanship of her wedding dress. She should make sure that the bodice fits perfectly, the skirt falls as planned, and that all seams and beadings are properly stitched.

Design is important

For the bride to look her best on her dress, it should have a design that is just right for her body. There are mainly 6 types of wedding dresses: full skirt, A-line, mermaid, sheath, and empire. Each of these are better suited for certain body types.

Elegance is a must

Whether it’s a simple wedding or a grand one, whether it’s in a church or at the beach, the bride should – more than any other instance in her life – be a display of elegance and grace as she walks down the aisle.

Flowers complete the look

The wedding bouquet is as timeless as the wedding dress itself. A rose bouquet is classical, but most brides in Singapore today find that other flowers, such as orchids and calla lilies, suit their personality and dress better.

Garters – it’s part of the show

The removal of the garter from the bride’s leg has become traditional and is one of the reception highlights. Make sure that placement of the garter and your dress only exposes skin that you are comfortable showing.

Headpieces enhance the look

Wearing a headpiece or a hair ornament is a great way to enhance the look of the bride. It can add an accent to their look, complement their dress and draw attention to their face and hair arrangement.

Internet can help you

Just about anything you need to know about preparing your wedding dress, and your wedding in general, have been thoroughly covered here and in some other similar sites. Just choose the advice you take carefully.

Jewelry makes you sparkle

The rule is, the more elaborate the dress, the simpler the jewelry have to be. The bride should have enough to highlight her body, but not so much as to look garish.

Kneeling can affect your dress

Brides who are having a Catholic wedding should be careful not to ruin or alter their dress when they kneel during the ceremony. It should be made sure that the skirt doesn’t get crumpled or pull the bodice down.

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