The Wedding Dress Index: L-Z

There is no other dress more special to a woman than the one she wears on her wedding. And for this reason each bride should take measures to ensure that her wedding dress is in its most beautiful – as she is – on her wedding day. This is the second part of our wedding dress checklist:

bride in the wind


Length matters

The length of the wedding dress should suit the formality of the wedding. Gowns with meters-long hemlines are best worn in large ceremonial places, while shorter dresses suit outdoors better.

More for less

To save money, the couple should get their outfit (including that of the bridal party) from the same bridal shop or dressmaker, who often give discounts on multiple purchases or offer package deals.

New or old?

It’s normal for brides to want to wear their mother’s wedding dress to their own wedding, and that’s completely fine as long as the dress matches the wedding’s style and vibe.

Own or rent?

This depends on the priorities of the couple. On one hand, it may be more practical to just rent a dress; on the other hand, it would be lovely to keep the gown because of its sentimental value.

Preserving the dress

If you decide to keep your dress, you should have it professionally cleaned and preserved to keep it in pristine conditions. Many bridal shops in Singapore offer these services.

Queenly status

As the principal woman of the day, expect to be treated like royalty on your wedding. That includes being pampered and assisted on your every move, especially on wearing your dress.

Relax and radiate

The wedding day can be quite tense. But a bride should always maintain her composure and show off her beauty. She should leave all other tasks to her maid and wedding planner.

Shoe up comfortably

The ceremony could be long, so the bride better wear a comfortable footwear. If the shoes are new, and especially if it’s leather, one of the bridesmaids can break it in to make it more comfortable.

Traditions are to be respected

Everyone in Singapore knows and understands how important traditions are. Brides can go for a modern wedding, but it is still important to recognize ones cultural roots.

Undies are part of the getup

Some types of gown require a specific kind of support for the bust – the bride should make sure to wear that. The bride may also want to wear special wedding-themed undies which are sold in some stores.

Veil – with or without?

Wearing a veil is traditional, but a lot of brides are foregoing that now for purposes of simplicity or if they want to wear a different headpiece. It’s really just depends on the bride’s preference.

Walking carefully

If dress has a long hemline, the bride should take special care not to trip on it or that people don’t step on her train. It’s best that she practice her walk and to have a maid always beside her.

You, you, you

Ultimately, it’s the bride who decides what dress she wants and what she’ll wear it with. However, nobody likes a “bridezilla”, so keep your requests reasonable and be kind to those who help you.

Zazz it up

Before deciding on a dress, brides-to-be should try to mix and match designs and styles and try on different accessories to see which wedding dress matches their taste and personality best.


Choosing a wedding dress and the other bridal items to go with it is perhaps the most fun part of being a bride. Brides should always remember to approach their wedding dress selection as they do with their wedding day – with taste, practicality and gusto.

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