The Wedding Guest List Guide: Knowing Who to Exclude

Finalizing your wedding guest list will be an impossible task if you let even the slightest sentiment rule you. For your wedding, you need to know where to draw the line, especially with consideration of your budget. But more than the cost, trimming your guest list is about maintaining the solemnity of your wedding by having only the people who are truly special to you and your groom-to-be. In other words, it simply isn’t right to go over your budget to accommodate people you hardly even know.


Now, here are more tips to help you finalize that list:

Establish a Rule on Guests with Dates

When a friend tags along a date you haven’t even heard of before the banquet, you may end up spending for someone who’s technically a complete stranger to you and who might not be that important to even to your friend in the future. Avoid this! Just be clear on your invitation and state only the names of the guests you intend to be at your wedding. Unless they are married, are living together, engaged, or have been dating for more than 6 months then it’s okay to invite the date. Otherwise, be firm on your friend when you tell him or her that the date is not included. Just be clear that it’s a rule to all of your guests.


Know that Relationships Change

You don’t need to invite anyone out of mere obligation. Keep in mind that it is your wedding. Inviting people just because you got invited to their wedding too is not necessary especially, if you weren’t even too keen to go to their wedding in the first place. Understand that relationships are dynamic and it’s natural for people to change through time. Inviting someone just because you owe him or her will not make you happy and again it is YOUR wedding.


Don’t be Afraid to Exclude Children

If you can’t or don’t want to spend extra for a special menu for children, then go ahead and exclude them. Like with the dates, be clear about this on your invitation while observing tact. You can tell your guests that you would like them to be able to relax and just enjoy at your wedding and so leaving the kids at home can be a good break for them. The children in your bridal party are enough young attendees for you to manage at your wedding without adding on the expenses and stressing out.


You are Not Obliged to Invite Coworkers

It’s not enough reason that you see a person every day that you have to invite them to your wedding. Unless you have grown close to each other and have spent significant time together outside of work, then you can skip inviting your workmates to your wedding. Start by evaluating the quality of time that you share: do you often have lunch together? Have you had drinks after work? If none of that ever happened then it’s okay if you don’t invite them, including your boss. Just be more sensitive and not talk about your wedding in the office.

Be firm in finalizing your guest list and you will have no problem about going over your budget and you can celebrate your wedding with only your dear family and friends around you.

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