Things to Consider When Choosing a Live Band for Your Wedding

In celebrating one’s wedding, an appropriate live music is an important element that would make the wine sweeter at every sip, the mood better at every song, and the guests more cheerful as the night wears on. You wouldn’t want to compromise the music of your live band as it is often the ultimate source of entertainment during your wedding celebration—something that can give your guests a great time and remember your wedding by.

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Whatever your wedding theme may be and wherever you choose to have it, there’s a live band that can get everyone dancing and feeling great. Here are what you need to consider to complement your wedding setting through live band entertainment. These can also help you determine your other wedding details by matching them with the style of your live band.

Profile of Guests

Knowing who your guests are is helpful in choosing a live band that everyone (or, at least, most) can enjoy. The dominant age group of your guests should be your prime consideration in choosing the genre and playlist that your band will play. If most of your guests are friends from the university, for example, then popular songs from your college years will be your top choice to have people singing along and dancing.

You should work with a band that actually performs songs from the musical genre you choose or are at least flexible to play some songs that you want to specially dedicate to your guests. You can pick a song for your girl friends at work and another for your best buds. Being mindful of your guests as your audience is helpful in finding the right live band to perform to everyone’s enjoyment.


Your venue is another important consideration. You should know how much space is available for a band’s set up and for the dance floor, as well as for electrical requirements for the band’s instruments and all the pizzazz their performance needs. Coordinate with your wedding planner or the venue manager regarding these logistical concerns.

See how much performance area is available to determine how many members of the band can be accommodated in terms of your venue’s capacity. For example, a full band complete with all their instrument may look cramped in a small stage. Aside from space, the setting also determines the kind of ambience and mood that the band should enhance.


Wedding Theme

The band doesn’t have to restrict itself to the wedding theme. In fact, a slight dissonance between the choice of music and the theme might actually result to a stylish and pleasant effect. However, there are certain parts of the program, particularly the guests’ arrival, cocktails and dinner, where the music must suit the mood. During the cocktails, for example, you need to play something mellow and soothing and not a bashing rock song.

Later on during the dance, your guests can grind to reggaeton, ska or to the wild tunes of a steel drum band. An evening garden wedding, meanwhile, will be more magical in the glimmer of warm candlelight with soothing music of a string quartet. The group will also be lovely in a formal ballroom setting for a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

Reception Program

As you plan your program, identify the different parts where you need or want music from a live band. This will help you know how long you need a band to perform. Your program can also serve as a guide in creating your playlist so that music doesn’t sound segmented from the entire affair but completes the experience instead. Knowing when you need the band during your program will help settle arrangements on how to incorporate the music into the whole occasion. Don’t keep your live band waiting (that’ll be a waste of their time), and avoid having a “dead air”, where your event is noticeable quiet.



This, of course, is an important consideration. Live bands have different rates. If they specifically perform at weddings, and depending on their professional experience, they may charge competitively from other live bands in the market. And the more popular ones will surely have a higher rate. However, you can still have them at a lower price if you reduce the number of hours they have to perform or if you provide them with special accommodations.


You may already have songs in mind for your wedding even before you find the band that will play them. That’s actually helpful in selecting a band who can play the specific type of music you want for your wedding. For example, if most of these songs are in the Billboard Top 40 then a pop group can carry out these tunes comfortably and at a level of performance that connects with the audience. Plus, you can expect them to have an updated mainstream repertoire.

The guests’ entertainment should be every bride’s concern. Some get nervous thinking that no one might even get up to dance once the band starts playing. But things like that happen only when it’s the wrong band playing songs that don’t move your guests. With the right band and song choices, it’s guaranteed that everyone will have a lovely night of love and music.

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