Tips for a Fun and Stress-Free Wedding Photobooth Experience


A lot of bridal couples today consider having a photo booth as a must-have in their wedding (among other special celebrations). This is because while it’s great to have formal and flashy professional wedding photos, you can’t deny that it’s a ton of fun also to have something that captures the more playful and wacky moments among family and friends.

The photobooth can be kept throughout the reception to give guests something fun to do while taking a break from the wedding program. While the professional photographer can capture formal and candid photos, the photo booth takes snapshots of your guests freely enjoying themselves.

So if you plan on renting a photo booth for your wedding, here are some tips on how to make the most of it and help make your guests have a wonderful time at your event.

1.       Allocate enough floor space for queuing

Though most photobooths only take up a small portion of floor space, you’ll need to consider the people falling in line and waiting for their turn at it. Most of your guests will surely want to try it, and they usually come in groups. Station the booth near the receiving area of the reception so that there’s enough space for queuing. Most importantly, make sure that the line won’t reach where the buffet or your wedding cake is—you wouldn’t want anyone bumping into the wedding cake.

2.       Make use of the stop-time feature


Many photobooth companies let their clients avail of the stop-time feature—and we highly recommended that you use this. For instance, if you availed a four-hour package, you can use the first hour before the reception program starts, and then pause it until the program is over. This way, everybody’s attention is focused on the program, while you’re maximizing the hours of usage of the booth.

3.       Personalize photo printouts

Since photos produced by photobooth companies tend to look the same, find out whether your provider offers personalized photo printouts. This means you can choose your own color scheme or add your own logo in the pictures. You can either submit your own design or let your supplier personalize it for you.

4.       Find out whether you can have multiple copies


Some photobooth providers only print one strip of photo if the package includes an online auto-upload. Even so, ask if they can provide you with multiple copies of the photos so guests whose photos are taken in groups can each have their own copy of their picture. You may also want to collect a copy of their photo, which your guests can sign, and use the collection to compliment your traditional guestbook.

5.       Add backdrops and props

The best way to encourage guests to loosen up and act crazy is to provide them with colorful backdrops and props. Whether your photobooth company can provide these or you’ll have to provide them yourself, make sure that these items reflect your wedding theme.

Some great ideas for photo booth props include:

  •   Nerdy glasses – You can find this prop at almost any thrift shop, dollar store, or even at your own home. Look for the biggest and geekiest glasses possible and just pop the lenses out of its frame.
  •   Fake beards and moustaches – You can have the stick-on type or cut them out from craft foams and glue them on sticks. A couple of different shapes and sizes of these props will create hilarious photo results.
  •   Vintage photo frames – Look for a medium-sized picture frame with antique-looking sides at thrift stores for your guests to frame themselves while posing for a group picture.
  •   Chalkboards – Buy or make your own chalkboard props in interesting shapes and forms, such as a comic book speech bubble that your guests can write on. Use a white board to make the texts easier to read in the photos.
  •   Funny hats – The stranger the hats, the more your guests will want to wear it. Provide witch hats, oversized hats, animal head hats, as well as fedora hats for variety of choices.
  •   Animal cutouts – Draw or print out animal pictures and glue them on cardboards. Cutout each animal picture and put them on sticks, and let your friends photobomb each other as they take group pictures inside the booth.
  •   Wigs – Who doesn’t love wigs? Afro wigs make you look retro and funky. Look for big colorful wigs at local party stores or dollar stores near you.


Additional Tips:

  •   Aside from the props that the photobooth company will provide, try to make your own props to add to the collection. Visit dollar stores and thrift shops for other random items that you think could make exciting and fun props. Plus points if they’re actually reflecting your wedding color or theme.
  •   Find out if a butler is already included in the package. Having a booth butler is beneficial in making sure that the machine operates properly throughout the night.
  •   Maximize the use of the photobooth. Use the printouts as wedding favors and to fill in the guestbook.


A photobooth does more than just producing instant photos and saving on professional photographer’s fee. The real value that a photobooth can add to your wedding is the tangible memories that can last a lifetime. So, add fun, games, memories, and a great favor to your wedding by renting a photobooth from a reputable rental company.

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