Tips for Bridal Makeup to Last Longer

From the tenseness of walking down the aisle to the exhilarating moment of exchanging your “I Do’s”, and until your romantic first dance as a couple – maintaining a fresh look throughout your wedding is quite a challenge. But with these simple make-up tricks you can keep your natural beauty shine long after you and your mister leave the party.


For Your Skin

The entire look of your face on your wedding greatly depends on the state of your skin. Make sure to keep it flawless and oil free for a fresh look. To do this, use a face primer before applying the foundation. If your face is naturally oily, it’s best to use a water base liquid or cake foundation. For your concealer, mix a drop of foundation into it. And for the final, touch brush lightweight oil free powder to set the foundation.

For Your Eyes

Your eye make-up sets the style and adds drama to your overall look. To make it last longer, use an eyelid primer before applying the eye shadow. You can also add a drop of water to the eye make-up before applying for better skin absorption. To line your eyes use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. This is very important to keep them from running on your cheek when you can’t help yourself from crying.

For Your Lips

Before putting on your lip color, apply a lip base or Chapstick and dab some powder on your lips. Then, use a fine lipstick brush to evenly apply your lasting lipstick. Use a blush applicator to lightly dab your lips with lose powder to set the lipstick. A matte lipstick is a better option than one with sheen or gloss as the latter can easily smear and doesn’t stay on the lips as much. For some shine just dap some gloss on the mid area of your bottom lip.


Airbrush Make-Up

The airbrush technique is gaining popularity in bridal make-up. The primary benefit of this process is that it is long-lasting and is evenly blended for a natural look. The make-up, especially the foundation and blush, remain intact and fresh that a retouch will hardly be needed. With little training, it is also faster to apply. You can DIY airbrush make-up by taking up lessons and having the right kind of make-up tools. Otherwise, there are make-up artists who offer this service.

Remember, before applying tons of make-up, apply some gel or a water-base moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. For touch-ups, carry some loose powder with a powder puff and a lip gloss. With the right tools and some practice, you can do these tricks on your own and achieve long lasting bridal make-up.

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