Tips for Couples on Customizing Wedding Bands

An essential item not only for your wedding but for your marriage as well are your wedding bands. You and your fiancé should think carefully when deciding on what would be the look and style of your wedding bands. Not that you need to be all fussy about it, but you do need to make sure to have wedding bands that you’ll be happy to wear for the rest of your lives – bands that can withstand the test of time and toil.


These days, you don’t have to wear traditional rings with identical gold bands as couples today have more freedom to express their individual personalities through their wedding bands. However, it’s still best to have a shared element between your bands to show your bond as a couple. Overall, the points you need to consider when choosing your wedding bands are your individual styles, flair as a couple, and the practical elements of your life.

Work on it as a couple

It takes two to customize wedding bands. You and your fiancé should make time amidst your hectic wedding schedules to sit down and discuss what would be the design of your wedding bands. You can browse through magazines and websites to get inspirations for the look of your rings. See a jeweler together and share how you want your rings. You can bring photos of pegs or attempt at sketching the design you envision.

Talk about what element you would like your rings to share: will it be the metal, the stone, or an engraving? If it’s an engraving, will it be a sentimental phrase, your names, or the date of your wedding? These details can only be decided upon as a couple.

Consider your individual styles

You can have your wedding bands be customized so that you can mark yourself as being in a relationship without losing your individuality. You can reflect your personal style in the design of your ring to make it unique to you. Women usually have their bands designed to complement their engagement ring while men’s bands are usually just a simpler version of their wives’ wedding bands.


What is your couple’s flair?

Your style as a couple is what will make the two rings a match. Here are some of the different styles that may be reflective of your personality and chemistry as a couple.

Traditional  You both love timeless styles that reflect traditional ways. You appreciate vintage beauty and a sense of old romance. You are both proud of your family heritage and traditions.

For your wedding bands, consider heirloom pieces or shop for vintage styles. Consider having two matching elements in your bands; for example, using the same metal and the same etching on the border.

Sophisticated – A couple who loves classic, clean styles that highlight unique details. Customization is important to flaunt your individual styles, but only subtly, while still complementing each other’s design. Simple designs that can be both stylish and functional are what you prefer.

If your style is sophisticated, be sure to start early in finding the jeweler who can interpret the styles that you want for your bands. Customization takes time.


Minimalist  You’re a minimalist if you want rings that are functional and durable with no frills. You want simpler aesthetics and gives more value to the durability of your rings because you are particular about your activities and making sure that your jewelry does not get in the way or risk become damaged.

For your wedding bands, consider titanium rings, which are close to being indestructible. For women, avoid raised setting as that can get tangled easily. A Bezel setting is secure for stones with its smooth surface.

Modernist – As a couple, you’re comfortable with unconventional things and open to try something new. While your wedding bands may look anything but traditional, especially hers, you still see to it that your bands complement each other.

You can do this by matching your rings by using a similar metal or an engraving. Her wedding band may look a lot like her engagement ring, while his has a toned down design that complements her set of rings.


Think about your lifestyles

Your lifestyles are an important consideration in determining the designs of your wedding bands. Consider your professions and what sort of day-to-day activities you are involved in that may require you to get busy with your hands, such as shaking business partners’ hands, writing on the board, or cooking. Make sure that your bands fit into these activities and won’t be an inconvenience in your regular activities.

Consider your pastime as well, particularly outdoor activities. Will these activities require you to remove your rings? If you or your fiancé is quite forgetful, it’s best to just have very durable rings that you won’t have to remove. Otherwise, have a safe place where you can keep your rings until you can wear them again.

Start early

The sooner you start thinking about the design of your wedding band, the more time you’ll have to find the one that’s just right for you. Make sure you have enough time to have your bands customized, if that’s what you want. Keep in mind that the safe time period you need to allot for customizing your bands is at least eight weeks. As much as possible, avoid rushing the making or the customization of your bands. Great works often take a long time to create, and for something as important as your wedding bands, you really wouldn’t want anything less.

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