Tips for Fast and Organised Wedding Planning

Preparing for your wedding will be a lot easier if you break bigger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. This approach proves to be more organised, realistic and less stressful than trying to get everything done all at once.

Comparison Chart

A comparison chart or board is a very important tool that you’ll frequently use to collate all the information you’ve collected about different wedding vendors and service providers. It helps you keep track of what information you’ve gathered and what you still have to ask about, and later use for comparison of their pros and cons.


The comparison chart usually contains the following information: Types of services the vendor offers, the name of the company, its contact person and their contact numbers. Other information may vary depending on the kind of service or product the vendor provides.

For example, if you are trying to select your wedding cake, the following labels can be included in the list:

– Choices of flavors
– Availability
– Rates
– Special packages available
– Delivery and set up
– Delivery fee
– Payment schedule and policy
– Cancellation policy

Checking the Finer Details

Your first impressions and the impression you develop while checking a service or trying out a product should also be included in the comparison board. Some cakes may look fabulous but have a forgettable taste, while there are cakes that are minimally designed but taste great. Questions like whether the pastry chef or the baker will coordinate with the florist should also be added, especially if fresh flowers will be used in decorating the cake.


Using fresh flowers is an inexpensive yet beautiful decorative piece for wedding cakes. Using similar kinds of flowers for the bouquet, the floral centrepieces for tables and for the decorations of wedding cake also brings across a sense of symmetry to the wedding design. This will help you cut costs on your wedding cakes, as well as that of your floral decor, as your florist will only need to deliver just one order.

You should be aware that the hidden cost of wedding cakes lies in its intricate, time-consuming details. This means that cascades, lace, sugar flowers and multi-tiered cakes are more costly than minimally designed cakes or cakes with fewer tiers. However, there are alternatives that you can consider if you want tiered-cakes at an affordable cost.

The Internet

The Internet is another useful tool for finding alternatives and solutions to budget-related concerns. Wedding vendors and suppliers often have websites for prospective clients to view their portfolio. Checking these out makes information gathering fast and hassle-free.


Moreover, relying on the Internet for information streamlines the things that you will have to carry out when dealing with different vendors. It will also help you close a deal or make an order faster because you will know what to ask or look for when you visit the different vendors.

For instance, you can print the design you’ve found in the portfolio of a particular wedding cake supplier and ask the baker or chef during your visit if he or she can create the same design. However, keep in mind that while the Internet is an indispensable search tool nowadays, it is still important to meet with suppliers personally to know whether or not they can deliver what they promise.

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