Tips for Getting a Great Wedding Video

As the bride and groom, what you say in front of the camera is not the only thing you need to consider. Clear sound clips, footage shot in a well-lit area, congratulatory messages from happy relatives and friends are other elements that make a great video even better. Incorporate the tips below to get a video you’ll surely love!

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Tip #1: Have Enough Microphones Around

A beautifully-captured wedding video will still be lacking if it does not have excellent sound quality to match the crisp images. So, while it is important that you have a microphone each or, better yet, have Lavalier microphone attached to your clothes, there ought to be at least one microphone for the guests, another one to record ambient sounds and finally one for the speakers and soloists. Having all these specially-adjusted microphones ensures that sound recordings are loud enough with minimal background interference.

Tip #2: Make Eye Contact

During the ceremony, try exchanging glances or holding each other’s hand instead of simply staring at your solemnizer, this will make your wedding footage more varied and interesting. Just by observing your body language and gaze, your guests will be able to see how much you two love each another, even though you didn’t say it explicitly. You can even consider arranging the altar in such a way that both of you are facing one another during the ceremony instead of the two of you facing your solemnizer. Being able to gaze into each other’s eyes helps get you in the right romantic mood.

Tip #3: Record Congratulatory Messages from Your Relatives

Adding heartfelt well-wishes from your family and friends will make your wedding video more meaningful. However, to avoid recording clichéd congratulatory statements, try to inform them before the actual day so they will have time to reflect and craft an appropriate message. On the actual day itself, have your emcee make a brief announcement to remind your family and friends that they will be filmed shortly. This will give them enough time to be mentally prepared for the session.

Alternatively, you may want to have them record their congratulatory messages before or after the actual day. Such an arrangement may be more ideal because it allows your guests to feel more relaxed compared to having them rush a recording on the actual day. Plus, there will be plenty of time for a retake if they are not happy with their first take.

Tip #4: Arrange for Extra Lighting If Necessary

Although your videographer should be the one in-charge of the lighting, you can do your part to make sure that your chosen location is well-lit, hence you ought to consider planning these essential logistics with your videographer in advance. Your videographer will more than happily give you advice about any additional lights you need to install. Remember that outdoor venues are not the only places that may need extra lighting, some indoor locations may be poorly lit as well. Places that usually need additional lighting include chapels, temples and estate houses.

Tip #5: Stay Calm

There are a lot of things to worry about on the actual day, but you shouldn’t let them overwhelm you, because today should be about the two of you. So entrust any last minute worries to the bridal party or your wedding planner, after all, you have done everything possible to prepare for this moment. A delayed reception, the caterer failing to bring enough food, or even the wedding car running a flat tire are not as disastrous as you might think. However, focus on these setbacks and you will definitely regret not fully appreciating the many fleeting beautiful moments of your wedding. If you let it, those few minutes of setback will become what you remember about your wedding!

Many couples are too focused on memorizing their vows and forget that there are many other little things that can affect the quality of the video overall. By taking note of the five tips above, you ensure that you have a video that you can treasure forever.

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