Tips in Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Gown

Couples are becoming less traditional nowadays and many now prefer to have their solemnisation outdoors. The most common problem that brides encounter when they choose to have a garden or beach wedding is the type of gown that they will wear. Their concern is not only about how to look good, but how to stay comfortable throughout the ceremony. Here are five tips on how to do it:


1. Awe the crowd with your floral gown

If you plan to have a garden wedding, floral styled wedding gowns will best suit you. The flowers in the garden will complement your wedding dress other than that the crowd might also compare you to a fairy as you walk along the aisle. The crowd will surely be mesmerized with your radiance. Another good thing about floral styled wedding gowns is that they can match any type of wedding gown such as the empire, A-line, ball gown and much more.

2. Be playful by choosing pastel colored gowns

You can stick with the traditional white or ivory colored wedding gowns, but wouldn’t it be great if you experiment on your outdoor setting solemnisation? Pastel colored wedding gowns such as purple, blue, green, pink, red and other bright or light shaded attractive colors will do for a beach or garden setting wedding. These types of colors will complement the environment in your wedding day. Other than that, it will give you a playful and feminine look on your wedding day. Moreover, you can enhance your pastel colored wedding gown by adding accessories or embellishments such as colourful ribbons, beads, sashes and the like. In choosing the color of your gown, make sure to consider that you gown matches your skin complexion


3. Flaunt those sexy legs with your short wedding gown

Who says brides can only wear long wedding gowns? Short wedding dresses are suitable for outdoor weddings especially this summer season. The advantage of wearing a short wedding dress in an outdoor setting is that you can comfortably walk in the aisle without worrying for your dress to become spoiled by the sand or mud in the garden. So, if you think you have those sexy legs, it’s time for you to show it off during your wedding day.

4. The magic of detachable train or skirts

You can use detachable train and skirts during your wedding day if you opt to march with a long train wedding gown and have a short wedding dress during the reception. Having detachable trains or skirts is economical, simply because you won’t have to buy two gowns for your wedding day, but still get the effect of having them.


5. Choose a comfortable fabric

The fabric must match the climate during you big day. If you plan to have your wedding during the night time, it’s better to choose thick fabric because it might get chilly during the night time. If your prefer to exchange vows as the sun brightly shines in the sky, choose light material fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, satin and silk. You must be able to comfortably wear the fabric of your wedding gown throughout the day, and you must be at ease with it considering that you will be very busy entertaining your guests during your big day.

All in all, choose the type of wedding dress that will bring out your style within. You will look your best when you feel it!

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