Tips on Choosing The Freshest Themes and Hues

Most brides-to-be visit different wedding galleries, browse countless wedding sites on the Internet, and spend hours upon hours just selecting their wedding theme. Choosing your wedding theme and the primary colours to use in your motif is a substantial decision as this determine the overall look of your wedding décor and set the mood of the occasion.

colorful wedding bouquet

Your theme creates the flair of your wedding and gives it a memorable identity, which is why all the details in your wedding should be in coherence with your chosen theme. With a multitude of themes to take inspirations from, you can organize your own special wedding theme that will be etched in the minds of your guests for years to come. Mix and match details and come up with your own unique ideas to make your wedding truly special and unique.

Before you get started with everything, here are a few questions you should ask yourself and your partner when selecting your wedding theme:

1) How many are you expecting to come? The expected number of attendees at your wedding should be drawn up by the first day of planning as this is essential in establishing your budget and location.

2) How much are you willing to spend on this special occasion? Couples normally pool in their resources to have a great and significant wedding. As early as you can, draw the line on how much either and both of you are willing to spend. Remember, you should not exhaust all your resources on your wedding, as special as it is. There are other bigger things you should take care of after the wedding transpires, such as the home where you and your partner will live in after the wedding.

3) Where do you plan to hold your wedding? Destination weddings are fast becoming known in the wedding industry. Wedding planners strongly suggest this kind of wedding as it costs less and is more intimate, with a smaller group of attendees.

4) When is the wedding date? A good way to choose your wedding theme would be in accordance to the season your wedding date falls in. For example, a spring wedding theme in January.

5) What are the primary colours you want to use? Colours that are to be prominently displayed at your wedding ought to be the colours that both of you really liked. Weddings during winter seasons usually have silver, blue and white hues, while weddings near summer often play with bright red and bold gold colours.

It is also important that the theme you choose reflects you and your partner’s personality or common passions. If you are both sea lover, for example, you can organize a beach wedding. Find a church that faces the beach and hold your wedding reception on the shores with your guests donning colourful and sexy beach attires. Or if you are a rock ‘n’ roll type of couple, you can even organize a rock concert type of wedding. Choose a pub for your wedding reception and have miniature guitars as your giveaways.

The thing about planning a wedding is that you and your partner must agree on its theme. You will take delight in planning your celebrations when you are both personally involved.

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