Tips on Crafting Your Dream Wedding Cake

You should begin visualizing and planning the creation of your dream wedding cake as soon as you have decided on your wedding theme or motif. As one of the highlights of your banquet, you should secure your wedding cake early in your wedding preparation – ideally six months before the big day – not only because of the difficulty of creating a truly remarkable wedding cake, but also of finding the right baker to do it.

Make your wedding cake decision-making easier with these simple tips.

Photo courtesy of TEMPTATIONS CAKES

Make Sure There’s Enough Time

Ideally, you need to plan well in advance for your cake. That’s 6 months in advance or at least 3 months ahead. Why? Anticipate that some of the ingredients or materials needed to create your dream wedding cake might still have to be ordered or even shipped by your baker. Plus, your baker might have to do a little bit of experimenting to achieve the design or flavor that you want. After all, you cannot rush a work of art.

Get Inspirations from Different Places

It helps for you to get updated with cake trends from online portfolios of bakers or from wedding magazines. Looking at your parents’ or your grandparents’ wedding cake are also a rich source of family tradition that would be lovely to incorporate into your own cake. A popular cake trend is to match your dress and accessories to your cake.

Consider Your Wedding Details

For the design of your cake, pattern it on your wedding theme. As you may have observed in most weddings, the cake, aside from the décor, is a reflection of the theme. For the flavor, let it complement you chosen cuisine; for example, if you’re going to serve French dishes, a croquembouche would be an excellent cake choice. While for the size consider your number of guests. Three tiers should be enough for 50–100 guests while five layers can serve 200 or more guests.

Photo courtesy of TEMPTATIONS CAKES

Fit Your Options to Your Budget

If budget is a major consideration, consider getting only a moderately-size wedding cake for your closest and dearest, and then giving the rest of your guests some beautifully tired cupcakes. (Just make sure both cake and cupcake have a similar theme and flavor.) For less cost, you also want to steer away from fondant garnishing such as flower and lace, instead opt for fresh fruits and in-season flowers. You can also have a dessert bar in lieu of a traditional cake.

Choose a Reputable Bakery

Search online and ask your married friends and family who may have a recommended baker for excellent cakes and customer service based on their own experience. Take time to view their portfolios and make sure they are updated – this tells you that they have recent bookings. A great indication of a good baker is if they take time to listen to what you want and is meticulous in helping you visualize your dream cake by rendering it in drawing.

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