Tips On Getting The Best Wedding Shots

There are always new techniques and tools that improve the quality of one’s photos, even for veteran photographers who has practiced the trade for years.

bride celebrating

When you take photos, you don’t always have to follow the exact rules or advises you learned from long ago. In fact, it even pays to run against common practice every now and then. Who knows, what may seem like an absurd shot may turn out to be a master piece of photography.

Variety is often the most striking element in wedding albums, the one that sets it apart from countless other set of wedding photos. So if you’re a beginning wedding photographer, start by mixing a combination of colors, textures and tones at different shutter speeds. Certain lighting and film styles may turn out to be more dramatic and unexpected than you ever thought.

Even if color images are the norm nowadays, it does not necessarily mean you can’t add in black and white photos to your photo collection. For example, while color is good for scenic shots, black and white is more suitable for engraving the intimacy and emotion of special, tender moments like the embrace the bride and her father shares at the end of their dance.

The environment itself provides you with endless photo taking possibilities. Be it the school both of you studied in or the very first place where you and your significant other had the first date, there’s plenty of other choices to look out for on your important day.

Considering that certain photos may look better taken in one technique over another, so you may be able to capture special qualities of different moment by practicing styles you don’t normally use, at least with a few photographs. Cross processing is a popular choice when it comes to enriching your photos collection. By adjusting the intensity and hue of the colors of the images in a good way, you can achieve very good results. This is usually seen applied to outdoor shoots that contains plenty of rich colors to experiment with.

Infrared shots create surreal results for your photos by utilizing light spectrum that are below what our naked eye can observe. Very interesting camera effects can also create dreamlike or otherworldly effects. It is best achieved in the broad day light with lots of sunshine against the cloudy blue sky. For wedding shots, you can try something romantic like holding hands in a field of foliage while looking at each other, or kissing under the blue sky in front of a tree.

Another technique used occasionally as well is the application of a grainy effect, which lets you create artistic photos without having to use a flash (which often creates unflattering results, anyway, especially on portraits). Black and white photos works best with the use of grainy effect that makes it look like antique shots. Bear in mind that the application of these techniques should only be done with caution. Use these tools as choices in addition to the traditional shoots. Your wedding will get even better with these tips at your fingertips!

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