Tips on Preparing for Your Prenuptial Shoot: Dealing with the Essentials

Having a concept for your pre-wedding photo shoot means you’re already halfway through the process since you can’t start anything without it. The next part is harder though, as it requires you to get into the nitty-gritty of the shoot. Here are the basics of pre-wedding photo shoot you should prepare for.


1.   Find the right photographer. Working with the right photographer is crucial to have a great experience and excellent output. With the right photographer, you are able to communicate your ideas and develop them into a solid concept. The right photographer also makes you feel confident about yourself so that you and your partner are comfortable in front of the camera. He is also patient and meticulous in achieving what you want for your photographs.

2.   Discuss your concept. Once you have found your photographer, discuss with him the concept that you and your partner created. Allow him to make his creative inputs in developing your concept. Let him know what you’re comfortable with and what your expectations are. This is also a good opportunity to establish rapport before the actual shoot.

3.   Invest on hair and makeup. Some couples overlook this aspect of the photo shoot, believing that their natural look should be enough for the camera. However, you should realize that you won’t just be taking ordinary photos, but the photos that would define a very special moment in your life. Therefore, it’s only right that you do your best to look specially beautiful and handsome on your photo shoot. Prepare by having facial treatments a few weeks before the shoot and hire a professional makeup artist on the day of the shoot.


4.   Be on time. Don’t miss the golden hours – sunrise, sunset, early morning and late afternoon – as these are the best times to have an outdoor photo shoot. It is during these times that natural light will be most flattering for you. Avoid shooting at noon and early afternoon, especially when it’s sunny, as the light can be too harsh. Very late in the afternoon may also be too dark and require you to use a flash, which is not as aesthetic pleasing as natural light.

5.   Anticipate the weather. Find out ahead of time the weather you’ll be having on the day of your shoot so that you can prepare alternative locations. Make sure that there are accessible shelters where you can pass time in case it suddenly rains or when it gets too hot. Anticipating the weather will help you avoid re-scheduling your shoot as this will definitely cost you more.

6.   Do some warm-up. It helps for you and your partner to loosen up before getting in front of the camera. Warm up by walking or jogging, doing a short hike, or just sitting around, chatting, and getting yourselves comfortable in the location. Engage yourselves in a conversation on anything but the photo shoot with your photographer to get comfortable with him behind the lens. This is important so that you and your partner can act as natural as possible in front of the camera. You don’t want to look stiff and too “pose-y” in your photos.

By following these preparation tips, you’re sure to have a great time in your pre-wedding photoshoot and expect excellent images of you and your partner.

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