Tips on Wedding Photography Posing

Newlyweds decide to have a pre-wedding photoshoot are often intimidated by the prospect of taking photos that are meant to be treasured and shown for the rest of their lives. It could indeed be daunting, considering that pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography packages are quite expensive and their results will be highly scrutinized by friends and family alike. And if the photographs should fall below expectations, it would seem that all our hopes, efforts and even cash had gone to waste.

So, how can we avoid such disappointments? Well, one was won’t cost you a thing at all — you just have to know how to strike the right poses.

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Knowing Your Best Angles

Before everything else, you should know what your best angle is. To do this, of course, you need to study yourself in the mirror. Does a certain angle make your facial features more appealing? How much should you turn to your side to appear slimmer without striking an unnatural pose? The reason why we look more attractive from an angle is because our face and body are not perfectly symmetrical — and yet we find beauty in symmetry. Turning partly sideways makes any asymmetry less obvious. Knowing what your best angle is would help when you have your wedding photoshoot as you would no longer have to do any trial-and-error to find what shot would be most flattering to you.

Looking Great Requires Feeling Great

Secondly, when posing, keep in mind that taking themed photos is analogous to acting — being natural is key. This is because a photo serves to capture a moment as raw as possible. If you’re feeling very nervous, tense or agitated, would would involuntarily make micro-expressions that express your internal state. For example, even if you smile in your photos, but you’re actually quite anxious, there will be subtle cues on your eyebrows and lips and the direction of your pupils that would indicate how you really feel. To avoid this, you should hire a photographer that you feel comfortable with or one who can make you feel at ease. At the photoshoot, try to have a casual conversation or even flirt with your partner to make genuine happy expressions.

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Being Open About Your Body

Thirdly, remember to be open about your body. This means being free and unconstrained when posing. A good way to learn to accept your body and be absolutely comfortable with it is to try out various poses in front of your mirror before your photoshoot, thus allowing for some self-evaluation and self-exploration. Don’t be afraid to try new poses, especially if it’s suggested by your photographer. (Keep in mind that he’s done this a lot of times already, and can easily tell what would make for good photos.) Listen to his instructions and try not to be too apprehensive. If he tells you to lean back, put one foot forward or place your hands on your hips, do so with gusto.

Possessing A Natural Smile

Fourthly, a great, natural smile is absolutely necessary. The key about wedding photography is to capture marital bliss — thus, you would want to show your joy and happiness that such a big event is taking place in your life. When a photographer asks you to give him a bigger smile, remember that he might take a few seconds to adjust his camera lens to focus on your face or to capture you in a larger frame. Thus, request your photographer to give you a clear cue (such as by counting to three) so that you can adjust your expressions at just the right time. This will ensure that your raw smile is captured and your lip muscles do not stiffen. Imagine smiling and holding that smile while your photographer adjusts his lens! Your lip muscles would have gotten tired by the time the actual shot is captured.

Posing for your wedding photography shots requires some effort and considerable practice. But a good photographer should guide you along, especially with regards to the poses and smiling. The key to producing good shots, on your part, is to keep things as natural as possible, and most of all, have fun!

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