Top 10 Bridal Dress Trends for 2016

The bridal fashion scene is indeed coming up with some noteworthy trends and as you’re reading this, they might have already moved on to designing for the next year. While some trends may seem out of this world and unconventional, we have streamlined them to the top 10, which are extremely beautiful and practical to inspire your own bridal dress.


1. The 3-D Effect

Image Courtesy of Vogue

The 3-D effect is taking the bridal world by storm and in this year’s collection, it is no exception. Traditional floral details are now made more dynamic and eye-catching with 3-D designs. Other than the captivating florals, designers have artfully brought a gown to life with whimsical butterflies and intricate beadwork. These designs can be added anywhere on the dress, from the collar to the hemline, or even cascading down the dress itself. There is no two of the same gown and with such unique designs, this trend has managed to keep its place and is one of the hot favourites this year. You should give this a try if you would like a dress that is fancy and exceptional, yet not crossing the line to look tacky.


2. Feathers

Image Courtesy of Kelly Faetanini

Whether you opt for a fully covered feather skirting or just a gown accented with feathers, this trend catches the attention of all and is the way to make a statement on your very special day. Feathers create such a dreamy and enchanting feeling, which saw many models on the runway of this year’s collection sporting this look. Fun, and an extremely special way to jazz up your already amazing dress, you should not give this trend a miss! Tip: even if feathers might seem too over the top for you, they can still be used to make your accessories and decorations even more enchanting!


3. The LWD

Image Courtesy of Vogue

Just like how everyone can’t do without a LBD, the Little White Dress seems to be the in thing this season. The LWD is the perfect choice for your reception, a more laid back outdoor wedding, or even for a change for your second (or third) look. Do away with the dime a dozen long dress look and perk up your wedding look with this adorable and delightful number. Short dresses are also the perfect way to flaunt those slender legs of yours that you’ve spent so many months trying to get in shape. Just like this dress shown above by Lela Rose, with the hem just sweeping at knee level, not only does the dress exude a certain youthful charm, it highlights the killer heels that would otherwise go unseen under a long dress. Sometimes, the best things come in small packages!


4. Thigh-High Slits

Image Courtesy of Victoria Kyriakides

Catwalk queen Kendall Jenner has certainly been the talk of the town as she shocked everyone with her precarious thigh-high slits that got everyone wondering how she managed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. However, for those who are daring and would like something edgier, thigh-high slits offer a sophisticated and sexy look. Thigh-high slits have an amazing effect on one’s silhouette by making the legs look never-ending and slender. With such a modern and sensual touch to your wedding dress, you would be red-carpet ready any moment!


5. Sleeves

Image Courtesy of Claire Pettibone

Feeling hesitant to expose your arms on your big day? This year’s collection has got you covered with a plethora of bridal gowns sporting sleeves, ranging from bell sleeves and fluttery sleeves to capped sleeves. Sleeves are a must-have if you would like your dress to look vintage and tasteful, while also making your arms appear slim. Fitted with dainty material for the sleeves, it adds a billowy feeling to the wedding dress, adding to the grace and elegance.

Image Courtesy of Reem Arca

Never again would a combination of long sleeves and lace be deemed as archaic or untrendy after it dominated the runway in this year’s collection. The sheer long sleeves create the illusion of full-coverage, while lovely details like lace and embroidery accentuate the beauty of the dress, hence creating a delicate balance between time-honoured and elegance. This is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for something simple and safe, yet graceful enough to make you the centre of attraction on your wedding day.


6. Playing With Necklines

Image Courtesy of J.Mendel

Discover what is perfect for you with a wide variety of choices in necklines as you pick your wedding gown! Those who are looking for something bold would make heads turn with a plunging neckline, oozing just the right amount of sexiness and creating a taller and leaner silhouette. High-cut necklines like the halter neck is in the limelight this year as delicate shoulder and collarbone baring make this look so alluring. Halter necklines are very flattering for those with broad shoulders, but might not suit those with less toned arms as they might draw attention to them. Combine the former two looks to create something sensual and classy by opting for keyhole necklines, which reveal just the right amount of skin. Alternatively, necklines have also reached a new high as collars are also in trend. View a local example, just like how local blogger Andrea Chong managed to achieve a fusion of East and West, rocking a traditional mandarin collar and a bustier dress all in one!


7. Bringing Sexy Back

Image Courtesy of Vogue

With plunging necklines becoming the norm in bridal fashion, the design of the back of bridal gowns has certainly followed in similar footsteps. We are literally bringing sexy back with this year’s trend of full exposure backs and illusion panels. This trend is daring and surely suits those who are searching for something to show off their wondrous figure yet not being too revealing.

Image Courtesy of Mon Cheri Bridals

Those who are not comfortable with going entirely backless or showing so much skin can opt for illusion panels and peekaboo lace, with some of your back revealed but still kept covered by exquisite designs. Revealing some skin at the rear would definitely make a dramatic statement as it accentuates the lovely arch and curve of your back.


8. Over-skirts

Image Courtesy of Ines Di Santo

Have you always been a fan of layering? If yes, overskirts would make your dress look even more romantic and fairy-tale like. A simple A-line or mermaid tail wedding gown can emphasise your shape and figure but the added texture and volume of tufts of tulle, lace or organza can magically transform it, instantly making it even more intriguing and delightful. Just like the dress shown above, the layers upon layers of tulle make the skirt look grand and luxurious.


9. Non-white

Image Courtesy of Naeem Khan

Did you know that brides in the past wore rich and bold colours on their wedding day and it was only until 1840 (Queen Victoria’s wedding) that white bridal gowns started to become increasingly popular? With almost 75 percent of bridal gowns created being white, set yourself apart with unexpected hues such as blush pink and light blue which still look equally dainty as the normal white. You might want to take a step further to consider floral prints which speak of everlasting spring or even dreamy hues of watercolours.


10. Pants!

Image Courtesy of Theia Couture

Yes you got that right; pants are in season this year! A well-tailored pair of trousers and a smart tuxedo suit just screams attitude, creating a stylish and stunning look.

Image Courtesy of Victoria Kyriakides

For those who would like to be adventurous and try this look yet still want to look feminine, consider a boho wide-leg pair of pants in a jumpsuit, lightening the otherwise structured look. Whether you’re moving away from the mainstream array of dresses or you’re looking for something less traditional, this trend is definitely fashion-forward and impactful.

While some trends left us in awe and cooing at the delicate details, some trends were definitely a pleasant surprise and a refreshing change in the bridal gown scene. Now that you know the top bridal gown trends of 2016, it is time for you to pick your favourite wedding dress to make your special day even more memorable and enchanting!

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