Top 20 Wedding Emcees in Singapore

We’ve all heard the same cold jokes repeated again and again, in a feeble attempt to make the audience laugh. We’ve also witnessed the awkward moments when a problem occurs and no one knows how to react. Skip the unnecessary drama on your wedding day by hiring a professional wedding emcee! Not only are they an expert in this field, they might just be the finishing touches to a truly unique and memorable wedding.

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Of course, there are always alternatives to hiring a professional emcee, such as entrusting this important role to one of your friends or family. But being an emcee can be extremely stressful, and everyone deserves to enjoy themselves on your wedding day. So in no particular order, here are 20 great emcees to consider for your wedding.


1. Corazon Events

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Couples who have engaged Corazon Events are nothing but full of praises for their professional and fantastic emcees who blew everyone away. All emcee packages include an event coordinator to ensure that your wedding day would be smooth sailing!

Average spending: $688 – $1,288*
Website: Corazon Events


2. The Will You Marry Me Co

Image Courtesy of The Will You Marry Me Co

With all the emcees having experience in hosting, this team of emcees are truly out to impress. In addition, they can cater to either an English or Mandarin speaking audience, or both! The company also provides other services such as wedding planning, childhood photo montage and a candy buffet.

Average spending: $500 – $800*
Website: The Will You Marry Me Co


3. Sylvia Tham

Image Courtesy of Emcee Sylvia

Effectively bilingual and fluent in Cantonese, Sylvia is well-known in the realm of wedding emceeing. Those who have engaged her are not kidding when they describe her to be the best they’ve ever seen. Witty and charismatic, there will never be a down moment with her bubbly character.

Website: Sylvia Tham


4. Sharlyn Lim

Image Courtesy of Emcee Sharlyn

Another veteran in the Singapore emcee scene. Quick to adapt and incredibly diligent in her work, Sharlyn shows that she’s not just another pretty face. Having hosted numerous big events and fashion showcases, leave it all up to Sharlyn to hype up your guests and get everything running smoothly.

Website: Sharlyn Lim


5. WOW Magic

Image Courtesy of WOW Magic

To add that personal touch to your wedding, why not introduce a little magic into typical emceeing? Your guests would surely be kept entertained, and a trick or two won’t hurt. WOW Magic also provides photo booth services for your wedding day.

Website: WOW Magic


6. Wedding Buddies

Image Courtesy of Wedding Buddies

Just like what your buddies would do, Wedding Buddies has got you covered for all the entertainment and music you’ll need. From emcee services to live bands and sound systems, look no further than Wedding Buddies for a great fix!

Average spending: $500 – $800*
Website: Wedding Buddies


7. White Ribbon

Image Courtesy of White Ribbon

Put your trust in White Ribbon to not only provide professional emcee services, but a great live band that can take any song request from your guests. All their emcees are either effectively bilingual or multilingual!

Website: White Ribbon


8. Red Kite Weddings

Image Courtesy of Red Kite Weddings

Red Kite Weddings offer professional emcees for hire, and they’re nothing short of experienced and engaging. As most of their emcees are fluent in dialects, you won’t have to worry about anyone being left out in the celebrations! Red Kite Weddings also specializes in live performances, from sweet serenading to skilled harpists.

Website: Red Kite Weddings


9. A Little Dream

Image Courtesy of A Little Dream

The focus of the wedding shouldn’t be on the emcees but the blissful couple, and A Little Dream is confident that they can engage your guests to the fullest while still keeping all the attention on the both of you. The creative and enthusiastic team behind A Little Dream also has fantastic ideas on surprise wedding videos for your big day!

Website: A Little Dream


10. Sparkle Live Music

Image Courtesy of Sparkle Live Music

From live band performances to professional emceeing, and even topping it off with a programme coordinator, you can see why Sparkle Live Music is the choice music provider in Singapore. In addition, if you’re looking for customized live music such as an acapella performance or a fusion of styles, or even singing for your own wedding, they will be more than happy to be a part of it.

Website: Sparkle Live Music


11. The Wedding Serenata

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Serenata

For those who are on a budget and are looking for the most cost-efficient emcee service available, check out The Wedding Serenata. Their emcees work solo and are effectively bilingual! Their talented singers are able to double up as emcees if you’re looking to engage live band performers too.

Website: The Wedding Serenata


12. Charmaine Yee

Image Courtesy of Charmaine Yee

Having hosted so many significant events such as showcases and galas as a well-known radio presenter for KISS92FM, your wedding day will surely be a blast with Charmaine as your wedding emcee!

Website: Charmaine Yee


13. Music Box

Image Courtesy of Music Box

Regardless of the style or the number of emcees you require; Music Box definitely has something for you. With exclusive promotions and combos, you can get an impressive live performance and professional emcees at a really affordable rate!

Website: Music Box


14. Richard Style

Image Courtesy of Richard Style Blog

Richard is not an unfamiliar face as he’s been an emcee for countless corporate events, national events, countdown parties and more. According to the many testimonies from happy couples, Richard has a flair for engaging people and really professional in handling any hiccups that come his way.

Website: Richard Style


15. Asnisa Crew Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Asnisa Crew Entertainment

Everybody knows that Malay weddings are bursting with colour and excitement, and Asnisa Crew will definitely keep the energy level on a constant high! Known to be efficient and absolutely pleasant to have around, the dedicated team will leave a fantastic impression on all your guests and keep them engaged through the day.

Website: Asnisa Crew Entertainment


16. Wayne Emcee Singapore

Image Courtesy of Wayne Emcee Singapore

Wayne believes that you need four things to be a good emcee: great organization, confidence, quick thinking and an inviting personality. If you’re looking for these four traits as well, it’s a match!

Website: Wayne Emcee Singapore


17. Merry Bees Live Music

Image Courtesy of Merry Bees

For a simple affair, the live performance singers from Merry Bees can double up as an emcee for your wedding day. But if you wish to inject a little more fun into the joyful atmosphere, then you can engage one of their professional and engaging emcees.

Website: Merry Bees Live Music


18. Event Lobang

Image Courtesy of Event Lobang

Other than offering wedding emcee services, this is a one-stop place for all your other needs. From dance choreography for your wedding and all sorts of performers, to food catering and audio system rentals, you will not be disappointed with the wide array of choices available! Rest assured that this lobang will only introduce the best emcees to you.

Website: Event Lobang

* depending on the experience and number of emcees engaged

Now that you’ve went through all the top emcees, here are some tips on how to pick the one for your wedding:

 Most emcees upload video clips of their emcees during real events. Take a peek to have a better idea of what they’d be like on the actual day.

 Email the few emcee companies you’ve shortlisted for an actual quotation. In that way, you can eliminate those that are way out of your budget.

 Chemistry between the emcee and the couple is the most important. Trust your instincts because the one who makes you feel the most comfortable is most likely the best choice for your wedding!

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