Top 20 Wedding Planners in Singapore

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that planning a wedding isn’t easy. Here are 20 top wedding planners in Singapore (in no particular order) that will significantly take the stress off you so that you can fully enjoy the process of this blissful journey!


1. Truly Harmony Pte Ltd

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For a truly smooth sailing planning process, Truly Harmony is the answer. Other than providing valuable advice on your wedding budget, timeline and venues, they are able to coordinate with their endless list of reputable partners for all your wedding needs. For those who are looking for something extraordinary for their wedding day, you’d be glad to know that Truly Harmony is the only company in Singapore that specializes in yacht weddings!

Website: Truly Harmony Pte Ltd


2. The Wedding Stylist

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Stylist

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Stylist

The Wedding Stylist can turn your dreams and fantasies into reality with their meticulous services, ensuring that your wedding day would be one to remember in the years to come. The best thing about TWS is that you can come to them at any stage of your wedding planning, either from scratch or if you’ve already got your vendors all set, and they’d be more than delighted to assist you!

Website: The Wedding Stylist


3. Beautiful Gatherings

Image Courtesy of Beautiful Gatherings

Image Courtesy of Beautiful Gatherings

Beautiful Gatherings not just style winsome and lovely weddings, but they seek to bring out the love that solely belongs to each couple. On top of conceptualizing your dream wedding based on all your inspirations and wishes, Beautiful Gatherings also offer coordinating and partial planning services leading up to your big day. Be sure to check out their styled shoots for fantastic ideas!

Website: Beautiful Gatherings


4. The Wedding Entourage

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Entourage

For a memorable wedding for the couple and all their guests, the planners at The Wedding Entourage surely pull out all the stops to make the wedding perfect. Even if it means travelling to the ends of the earth, the wedding arm of The Flying Dutchman will be game to be a part of your romantic destination wedding.

Website: The Wedding Entourage


5. Ode to Joy

Image Courtesy of Ode to Joy

Image Courtesy of Ode to Joy

From the bubbles of excitement coursing through you as you look forward to your big day, to the overwhelming frustration to make sure everything is done to perfection; the three joymakers behind Ode to Joy understand it all. That is why they’ve come up with different services to suit your every need, from customizing your dream wedding right from scratch, to lending extra pair of hands on the wedding day itself. Don’t worry about anything because they’re here to the rescue!

Website: Ode to Joy


6. Wedding Acts

Image Courtesy of Wedding Acts

Image Courtesy of Wedding Acts

For couples planning to have a destination wedding, look no further than Wedding Acts, Singapore’s first destination wedding planner. With tons of experience under their wings, don’t sweat the small details and leave it to them to make your wedding day a remarkable one.

Website: Wedding Acts


7. Chère Weddings & Parties

Image Courtesy of Chère Weddings & Parties

One of the greatest regrets of many couples is not being able to enjoy what’s supposed to be the most joyous occasion of their lives. So sit back and revel in the blissful atmosphere, and let one of the greatest wedding planners in Singapore do their magic.

Website: Chère Weddings & Parties


8. Rosette Designs & Co

Image Courtesy of Rosette Designs & Co

Not only are they amazing in bringing your dream wedding backdrop and themes to life, Rosette Designs & Co are experts in making sure the pre-wedding phase and the special day itself are perfect even to the finest details. Pick from three wedding services that are definitely more than sufficient to make your wedding day a huge success!

Website: Rosette Designs & Co


9. Tirtha Weddings

Image Courtesy of Tirtha Weddings

For couples who wish to have all their planning done by one company, Tirtha Weddings provides a stellar and reliable one-stop service. From booking your wedding venue and having a whirl of a time finding the dress, to having a pre-wedding photoshoot and finally reaching your wedding day, Tirtha Weddings will see through the entire process, giving you a peace of mind.

Website: Tirtha Weddings


10. Eternal Emotion

Image Courtesy of Eternal Emotion

From the photoshoot packages to the services offered by Eternal Emotion, there is something intrinsically Japanese about everything: professionalism. Dedicated wedding planners will take care of the nitty gritty details and offer expert planning advice as well as skillful preparations for the actual day. Check out their exclusive Japan photo shoot packages!

Website: Eternal Emotion


11. Inside The Knot

Image Courtesy of Inside The Knot

Image Courtesy of Inside The Knot

With 10 years of experience to boast of, it’s no wonder that Inside The Knot is well-loved and recognized in the wedding planning scene. Your wedding day is about you after all, and the attentive team will most certainly do whatever it takes to make the wedding uniquely yours and hiccup-free!

Website: Inside The Knot


12. Your Wedding Partner

Image Courtesy of Your Wedding Partner

Just like how your best man is indispensable on your wedding day, Your Wedding Partner will be your go-to planner for all your needs. With everything under one roof, many customers have sung praises of the specially curated floral arrangements and the pre-wedding photographs that turned out so well!

Website: Your Wedding Partner


13. Spellbound

Image Courtesy of Spellbound

Image Courtesy of Spellbound

You will marvel at the capability of the team behind Spellbound. Other than creating a perfect wedding theme specially for you and sourcing for the best vendors to make it happen, Spellbound also handles big and small matters for your wedding from coordination to handling your RSVP list. Spellbound also provides consultations for couples who don’t need a planner but have several questions to be answered!

Website: Spellbound


14. Hitched Weddings and Parties

Image Courtesy of Hitched

Image Courtesy of Hitched

Michelle and Denise, the mastermind behind Hitched, are extremely committed and experienced wedding planners, and they believe that every couple deserves a wedding special to them. With such dedication, you can be sure that your wedding planning will be in good hands!

Website: Hitched Weddings and Parties


15. Wedrock Weddings

Image Courtesy of Wedrock Weddings

Image Courtesy of Wedrock Weddings

Simply pay a visit to Wedrock’s whimsical home page and you know you won’t be disappointed. Offering three different wedding plans to suit your budget and needs, Wedrock also takes on just styling and set-up coordination projects!



16. HW Group – Heaven’s Gift, Wedding Concierge

Image Courtesy of Heaven’s Gift

Understanding the various concerns and needs of a couple planning for their wedding is the key facet of being a good wedding planner. The two strongholds of the collaboration between Heaven’s Gift and Wedding Concierge and mainly wedding planning and wedding coordination, providing you with a suite of packages for any stage of your wedding planning.

Website: Heaven’s Gift


17. Dream Wedding

Image Courtesy of Dream Wedding

Other than providing wedding planning services and bridal gown rental, Dream Wedding offers plenty of overseas pre-wedding photoshoot options, other than actual day photography, just so you can capture that picture-perfect moment!

Website: Dream Wedding


18. Eternally Yours

Image Courtesy of Eternally Yours

Image Courtesy of Eternally Yours

Other than your typical wedding planning and coordination, Eternally Yours has entered the scene of Malay weddings in 2012, providing advice on how to retain that rich sense of culture yet having desired modern elements in your wedding.

Website: Eternally Yours


19. Wedding Diary

Image Courtesy of Wedding Diary

With an eye for detail, the planners at Wedding Diary have experience in so many areas they’ve easily got you covered. From budgeting to conceptualization, you’ll be amazed at their creativity and originality!

Website: Wedding Diary


20. The Wedding Butler

Image Courtesy of The Wedding Butler

The Wedding Butler is definitely part of the upper echelons of the wedding industry, having been voted the top three wedding planners in Singapore consecutively for 5 years. Renee, founder of The Wedding Butler, also has an established bridal gown collection!

Website: The Wedding Butler

Wedding planners are definitely god-sent when it comes to working out all that detail. Explore your options before settling on one wedding planner for a truly amazing and special wedding planning experience!

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