Top 3 Wedding Catering Nightmares

Soon-to-be-married couples who hired wedding planners usually find themselves more relaxed than those who have not. Couples with wedding planners only have to approve or improve ideas, while the planner does the majority of the thinking and planning. Even so, one should not expect absolute perfection even with a professional, talented, and well-versed planner simply because she isn’t the only one involved in the whole affair.


Unfortunately, there had been many unsatisfied and unhappy couples during their most special day as a result of wedding catering disasters. Mistakes are not impossible to happen although every bit and pieces of details were discussed thoroughly during the planning stage, and you cannot simply blame it all to the planner. With problems like this, it’s not just the couple who loses face, but the guests may feel a bit embarrassed as well. So, what are those common catering mishaps that could possibly happen?

Insufficient Food Quantity

This problem commonly happens in one out of ten weddings. Though this blunder is rare in most big cities, where food caterers have plenty of resources and workforce, in some circumstances, this could possibly be experienced in events held in smaller localities. The probable root of the problem is miscommunication, especially when the catering provider’s timetable is tight.


The best way to ensure that this won’t happen is to ask the catering provider about their contingency strategy if ever unexpected guests arrive at the reception. A good and well-experienced caterer can handle the situation effectively and will not run out of food throughout the occasion. Discussing this matter should always be done before closing the deal with a catering provider.

Lesser Budget, Fewer Varieties

A good wedding caterer has the ability to offer an array of cuisines and menu solutions, regardless of their client’s budget. This is where versatility becomes a great part of the deal, especially in terms of exposure in the field and cooking techniques. No matter how much a client can spend for the catering services, the caterer should be able to provide a list of options for the whole meal. There should be a couple of choices for appetizer, main course, soup, dessert, side dishes, and salad that are attainable by the client’s budget.  Packaged meals or set meal selections can be a fantastic solution for couples working on a tight budget.


Lacks Flexibility

Many of today’s wedding catering providers know exactly what every wedding event needs. So even without the expertise of a planner, the caterer can still make the wedding reception push through. If you are one of those couples who preferred to be more involved in planning your wedding, an experienced caterer, who have contacts of the people who can help them, can surely make your wedding appear like planned by a pro.

The success of a reception largely depends on the choice of catering service provider. Since the food is the main item of the wedding reception, it should be given enough time and attention to avoid any chances of wedding catering nightmares.

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