Top Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers enliven weddings, adding splashes of colors and liveliness to the occasion like no other. They are an essential part of the event regardless of its theme, date or level of formality. In fact, you simply just can’t have a wedding without flowers. (Well, there are weddings that don’t have real flowers, but they still employ colorful papers and fabrics that have been artfully crafted to look like flowers – so that doesn’t really count.) Given that, you should choose your floral décor wisely. Here’s how:

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1. Plan Through Visuals

It’s okay if you don’t know much about flowers and can’t tell a camellia from a carnation. You don’t have to be an expert to choose your flowers, you simply need to have an opinion. So to start, just visit any flower shop in Singapore, check out wedding magazines, or do a quick search on Google to get some ideas right away. You can narrow your choices by searching for arrangements that fit your wedding motif.

If you are clueless at how to choose the flowers for your wedding bouquets and decorations, start by looking at pictures of floral bouquet arrangements and decor in Singapore for inspiration. If you have already chosen your wedding color motif, you’re a step closer—just narrow down your options by looking for flower arrangements in your chosen colors. Use all available local Singapore resources online as well as offline to look for that perfect bouquet that catches your eye, print it out and bring it to the florist.

It would be impossible for your florist to read your mind or share the exact vision you have for your wedding simply based on descriptions. Thus, you need to present him or her with pictures of arrangements that are your inspirations for your own wedding floral décor. This will give him or her a clearer picture of what you have, and they would be better placed to advise you on how to make it come true. If you haven’t found any good images, you can provide swatches of your wedding color scheme instead. It can be a start from which your florist could recommend works which she has done before.

2. Pick Personal Favorites

You can also choose your flowers based on a personal reason, not simply out of pure aesthetics. Selecting your blooms because they have a personal significance makes the tiniest floral detail even more meaningful. Do you have a fondness for tulips because that was the first flower your partner gave you? Or maybe the scent of the rose reminds you of the perfume he bought for you on Valentine’s Day? Flowers with significance tell a story, and you can choose florals based on what they mean to you instead of only because they match the color scheme.

3. Address Money Matters

Most bridal couples allot about 3% of their overall wedding budget for flowers and decor. It’s completely okay if you don’t have that much budget to spend on flowers—it is, after all, your floral decorator’s responsibility to work within the parameters of your budget. However, some ways to cut on cost is to use full-blooming flowers so that you’d need to order in a smaller number, or to adorn your wedding venue using potted plants that you readily have at home.

4. Follow Your Own Style

First, identify a general idea of how you want your wedding to look like. Do you want it to be elegant, romantic, or simple? Next, make an “idea file” of photos from books or magazines that represents the kind of floral designs you like. Still find it difficult to pinpoint what flowers to purchase? Take a stroll to the nearest flower shop and bring photos of your bridesmaid dresses, reception decor, and invitation details to serve as your inspiration.

5. Know What’s in Season

One of the many considerations for brides when choosing their wedding flowers is the season itself. Taking this into consideration will not only help in picking the most beautiful and long-lasting flowers, but may also save you a good amount of money as out of season blooms cost much more than those that are in season. Make sure to consult with a florist to know whether your preferred blooms are in season by the time your wedding takes place to avoid disappointments and last-minute surprises.

6. Choose Stylish Stems

While the flower itself is the focal point of a bouquet, the stems also enhances the stylishness of a floral arrangement. Consider your unique style when choosing a way to bind your flowers together. The stems don’t have to be always covered. They can also be exposed and be prettily tied together with a stylish bow. For a more tailored look, request to have the stems wrapped with a handkerchief or any fabric that matches your wedding motif.

7. Pair With Your Dress

Secure your wedding dress first before deciding on your floral bouquet. When you meet with a florist, show her a photo of your wedding dress. The design of your bouquet should be dependent on the shape, detail, and style of your wedding dress.

The right bouquet design and the size of the blooms should not drown you, hide the silhouette or unbalance the line of the dress. Similarly, the exact shade of white of your wedding dress is an important element in choosing the right blooms. There are so many colors of flowers; your florist can help you pick the right shade of flowers to work well with the exact color of your wedding gown.

8. Pair With Your Dress

Setting your mind on a particular type of flower may be reasonable, but it’s always advisable to be open-minded and be flexible with your with your choices. Who knows, you may be surprised how pleasantly it turns out the flower combinations you never thought would work well together.

Have you chosen your wedding flowers yet? What blooms are you having? Are you going traditional or incorporate new and unique ideas to your floral arrangements? Whatever ideas you have in mind, let Perfect Weddings help you in bringing your dream wedding to life.

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