Types of Marriages: Which One Are You?

What kind of marriage do you have? How do you and your partner fit in? Do you and your spouse have different views on your marriage? In a popular study conducted in the University of Minnesota, researchers concluded that there are actually seven different types of marriages. After surveying 15,000 couples, the researchers found that couples can be generally categorized into these seven classifications:

couples in crisis

1.) Devitalized – Couples who fall into this category think that their relationship is falling apart, with many even already contemplating divorce. More often than not, they find themselves having a fight and both think that their marriage is making both their lives miserable.

2.) Financially Focused – This is the type where most couples’ first priority in life is making money and not making love children. Here, the couples spend less and less time with each other simply because they cannot squeeze in a quality time to bond with their spouses and their kids over a hectic work schedule. More or less, these couples will separate ways before they realize it.

3.) Conflicted – Conflicts abound in this relationship and conflicted couples cannot move on to the next deeper level of intimacy simply because they hold grudges on each other. Because of continuous disagreements, often over something petty and often left unresolved, neither can feel at peace within the relationship.

4.) Traditional – Couples that fall under this category are those who still display inhibitions with their spouses even after years of marriage. Both partners are too confined in their ideals of marriage thus they do not do things which they think are immoral even in the closed four rooms of their bedroom. Often, these couples lack communication and have sex- related issues. They couldn’t find the courage to say and express their feelings freely.

5.) Balanced – These are couples who believe that they are balanced in all facets in their marriage. They are loyal to their partners and can’t find anyone else they’d like to spend their lives better with. They find enjoyment in their family and not from outside sources. But, in the long run, money is still a recurring issue. Regularly, they experience financial constraints but they are positive that they can withstand these challenges.

6.) Harmonious – These are happy couples who are very much in love with each other and lead a blissful marriage. They are satisfied with each other despite their own faults or shortcomings. They communicate with their partners freely and are expert in assessing of each other’s personalities. If at times they encounter small problems, it is outside of marriage and not factors within.

7.) Vitalized – Happy and strong – these are words that best describe the marriage of these couples. Although they experience conflicts like any other couple, they have reached a certain level of maturity that enables them to address their issues in a healthy manner.

With the categories defined by the University of Minnesota, each couple may think mutually or not on where they fit in. What is important is that they love each other despite their differences and are willing to amend the lapses and resolve their conflicts for a happy and long lasting marriage.

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