Types of Pre-Wedding Videography Styles

The wedding preparation is said to be the busiest part of the wedding. A lot of things have to be done, starting from the invitation letters up to putting one’s makeup on the wedding day. However, despite the pre-wedding rush, couples should still find time for pre-wedding documentation. Part of this is the recording and editing of pre-wedding videos. What are the different ways to do it?

1. Documentary Videography Style

Most people have probably already seen a documentary film. A documentary provides an honest record of true-to-life events. The same principle is used in a documentary-style pre-wedding videography. During the shooting, the couple is asked to act naturally and just do what they want. They can go to the places they love and do their favorite activities together. They are not required to act it out, for the video has to appear natural and spontaneous. The only role of the videographer is to record everything they do from start to finish. During editing, the video clips are arranged and music and a few effects are added to create a coherent whole.

Video by Signature Wedding Videography

Video by Iriswave

2.  Cinematic Videography Style

Videos can be made more dramatic when the cinematic videography style is used. Compared to the previous style, this is more scripted and organized. Couples who plan to have a cinematic video can hire a director to guide their acting. Another option for them is to simply ask their videographer to be the director to take the role of the director, if he has enough skills. Then the couple is given a script that they are obliged to follow during the shoot. In the editing part, special effects are added to add a dramatic feel to the video.

Video by Vive L’amour Studio

Video by Red Dot Studios Videography

3. Narrative Videography Style

The narrative videography style incorporates voice in the video and tells a story. The couple may or may not follow a script during the video shoot. The videographer can use whatever strategy he likes, as long as the interviews and testimonies are not overlooked. After the video shoot, the narrator’s script – the most important element of the narrative-style video – is then recorded. The interviews, testimonies, and recorded voice will then be mixed into the video.

Video by BeyondPictures Cinematography

Video by Renatus Cinematography

4. Photo and Video Montage Videography Style

The photo and video montage videography style is the fastest and most convenient among all styles. It is perfect for couples who don’t have much time for a video shoot. The videographer will only require them to shoot a few scenes and the couple’s old photos – often also including their pre-wedding photos – can make up for the remaining duration of the video. This style doesn’t have to tell a story. It depends on the editor how he would want to organize the photos and videos together. Music can also be inserted to make it more interesting.

Video by Moments in 7

Video by Mister JL Productions

5. Combination

Sometimes it is not enough to use only one style for your pre-wedding video. In cases like this, the couple can actually mix and match the different pre-wedding videography styles. This will demand more time and effort from them, but the result will be worthwhile.

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