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Ready to pick your gown? Choosing the right wedding dress for your body type can be quite a task! There are 5 main classifications of wedding dresses, each suitable for different body frames and setting. Lets explore them in this 5 part series on the main types of wedding dresses available!

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Like a fairytale, a ball gown wedding dress is the epitome of any bride’s wedding fantasies. Elaborate and sophisticated, it has an extravagant feel, which suits a traditional or formal wedding setting. If you are opting for a more dramatic effect, consider a strapless gown with opera-length gloves. A more formal setting could require the bride to be more covered. In this case, a ball gown dress with long sleeves would be more appropriate, but also not compromise on your femininity.

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Different fabrics bring out different facets of a ball gown wedding dress. Detailed lacework or beading on the bodice draws attention to the upper body, when paired with a simple skirt. Satin overlays create an elegant look, while many layers of light and fluffy fabric like tulle, taffeta or organza, creates a dreamy illusion.


Having a ball gown with a long train is perfect, as the skirt structure is suitable to balance out the weight of the train. Ball gown style wedding dresses with theatrical trains look amazing in wedding photos, especially if taken in historic places such as churches or places of heritage. If you prefer a more subdued look, you may go for the brush-length train, which gives that dramatic effect without the extra hassle.

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Body Types

The ball gown wedding dress is versatile and can be worn on most body types. However, it is best for pear-shaped or slim figures, as the fullness of the skirt accentuates the waistline. The fitted bodice with its dropped waist helps to create an hourglass image if you are more busty. For women lacking in height, be careful in choosing a ball gown dress as it may be harder to balance the skirt due to its size. A large-breasted bride may also look larger in size due to the extravagance of the dress. In this case, an A-line dress may provide the effect, while being more flattering to the figure.

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