Types of Wedding Videography in Singapore

The item that tops brides’ list of services needed is commonly photography. However, videography has also become an indispensible part of weddings, as videos too have a special way of capturing precious wedding moments couples would cherish for a lifetime. Photos give snapshots of beautiful moments, and videos can display the emotions as they play out in heartfelt moments. Together, they make a complete recording of one’s wedding.

In our current generation where watching movies is one of the most popular past times of Singaporeans, we have, without a doubt, become connoisseurs of moving images. Videos tell a story, and they can evoke feelings with the stories that they tell. There are two main types of wedding videography available in the market today: consider each and choose the one that best suits your taste.

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1. Pre- Wedding Videography

Typically, a Pre-Wedding videography project will feature the story of how you and your spouse-to-be got together. Most couples who opt for pre-wedding videography want to replay the memories of how they met through a pre-wedding video. Similar to pre-wedding photography, it is taken before the wedding. There are many aspects which will form the complete video, such as the storyboard, actors and actresses (typically your closest friends and family), and of course, you yourselves as the stars of the show. The pre-wedding video will form a priceless part of their courtship, to be kept for a lifetime.

2. Actual Day Videography

Like its name suggests, actual day videography is done on the actual day of the wedding itself. The intended aim is for the videographer to capture each important moment as it happens, from the gatecrashing and traditional tea ceremony, to the march-in. As things on the actual day happen very quickly, it is wise to hire a videographer separately from the photographer so that even if the photographer misses out on a particular moment, the videographer would have it recorded.

3. Express Highlights

One type of videography that is catching up in popularity is Express Highlights. With more couples opting to consolidate their gatecrash and chinese wedding rituals in the morning, and then have the wedding banquet at night, cinematographers have come up with a concept to showcase the morning proceedings to the guests in the evening. Typically, the gatecrash and jing cha are done at the couples’ homes in Singapore (usually a HDB flat that can accomodate a maximum of 30 people), Express Highlights is a new wave of videography that modern couples will tell you is indispensable in any videography package.

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