Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

One way to make your wedding memorable is to have a unique towering wedding cake. While you can have any type of cake you want – it is, after all, your wedding – it would be best to give your cake a meaningful design, one that harkens back to your love story. For example, if you’re a modern couple who are proud of your Chinese heritage, you can have your cake designed with a phoenix and dragon. Or perhaps he proposed to you at Paris, then what better way to refer to that special moment by having an Eiffel Tower wedding cake?

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Here are 5 ideas for a unique wedding cake that are actually pretty simple to do:

Daisy Cake

This design features a three-tiered fondant cake frosted in white and decorated with small sugar daisies. It’s an excellent choice for an outdoor spring wedding or an indoor wedding with a pastel colour theme. The small yellow blooms will attract attention at the reception and you are sure to be complimented generously on the lovely choice of cake.

Grapevine Cake

Are you and your future spouse wine lovers, or perhaps you adore the Mediterranean countryside? Consider a four-tiered cake frosted in buttercream, with each tier lined with golden beads. Design each tier to hold grapevine leaves that have been lovingly made from golden chocolate, as well as bunches of caramel-covered grapes. Decorate the top tier with a large cluster of grapes and this Tuscan cake is completed with caramel tendrils.

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Wedgewood Cake

What do you think about a wedding cake covered with its own china pattern? Such is a Wedgewood, a type of cake dating from the 19th century and has an English pottery design featuring intricate scenes and border patterns. Each decorative detail is piped in with chocolate across a fondant icing. You can customise your Wedgewood cake, which usually feature a baby blue colour used in Wedgewood china and a decorative motif of fern leaves, to have ethnic design motifs instead. This is a great choice if you want a cake with traditional designs yet has a modern look.

Couture Cake

Impress your guests by replicating an aspect of your wedding dress on your wedding cake! As wedding gowns move towards colour accents with colourful flowers and embroidery for decoration, these same elements can be used as inspiration for the cake design too. Cakes lined in ribbon bands and topped with formed sugar ribbons are proving popular to today’s Singapore brides. You can pick a colour from your dress or those of your bridesmaids to use as a colour theme for the cake. Embroidery from the wedding dress can also be used as scrollwork on the cake to add a fitting elegant accent.

Photo by Zonzon Productions

White on White

White may seem simple, but this traditional colour never fails to lend elegance even to casual weddings. You can also be sure that it will not clash with nor look too outstanding as to outshine other elements of your wedding. Once you have decided on the size and shape of your wedding cake, consider beautifying the frosting using a variety of decorations, such as appliqués, petals made of gum-paste, meringue flowers, strips of shaved coconut or blown sugar bubbles. Even if you stick to a monochromatic theme, white can still be a flexible design option.

Ideas for wedding cakes can and do come from everywhere. It can be as simple as your favourite colour or as complex as, say, your favourite film. But if you want a unique cake but don’t have the time pore over its details, just consider the suggestions above.

Photo by Temptations Cakes

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