Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

All forms of celebration require entertainment, and weddings most especially. In a way, that explains how weddings have changed to include more entertainment during its course. Today, couples don’t just want to dance at the end of the night, we and our guests want to be jive and listen to music throughout the evening.


A growing trend modern weddings is to hire cover bands, ethnic dancers, and even actors to entertain the crowd in between segments of the reception program. If you want to get on with the trend, you can entertain your guests and keep the party going by having some of these wedding reception ideas.

Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth

Turn a dry, boring photo booth into something more unique and fun by creating your own gag items, props and backdrop. DIY photo booth in your wedding can be a hassle-free feature that brings tons fun to you and your guests. Simply pick an area in your reception venue where you can put-up your backdrop, set up a timed camera on a tripod in front, and that’s pretty much it.

But if you want to make things even better, give your guests a selection of photo props and gag items like fake moustaches, large antique frames, princess crowns, big geeky glasses, chalkboard, big fake lollipops, sombreros, and many more. Of course, you can also hire a professional photographer to get a better quality in your photos.

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Give a Short Tour

This can be one of your best options if you’re having a destination wedding. Hire a tour company to pick your guests after the ceremony and take them on a short tour to some of the wonderful spots around the locality before heading on to the reception venue. If you think hiring a tour company is a bit lavish, you can contact a local resident who can help you with your impromptu joyride tour. This accomplishes two things: not only will it excuse your guests of an idle period the reception program starts, it also gives you more time to prepare for your march in.

Wine-Tasting Stations

Forget about the cocktail drinks and start a new trend by hosting a wine tasting instead. If your budget allows it, feature top calibre wines on your reception venue and hire a sommelier to give brief information about them to help your guests appreciate these bottled wonders. You can give out bottle holders or wine openers to your guests as your wedding favours to match your overall reception theme.

Hire Mobile Food Stalls

You’ve probably seen an ice cream van pull up to a birthday party. Didn’t it seem like a fun idea? Well, you can actually have something similar for your wedding banquet. Hire an ice cream trolley, taco stand, gelato hut or popcorn stall on your wedding reception venue, and give your guests something to munch on before the grand banquet. This is a great idea for outdoor wedding receptions, especially during summer season. While it can be a bit more difficult, you can also do this in an indoor venue as an unexpected but assuredly fun treat for your guests.


Hire a Comedian

A full entertainment involves music and laughter. And to make sure your guests are filled with mirth, hire a professional comedian. Whether your jester is just warming everyone up between meals or doing a stand-up routine, he or she should keep the jokes appropriate for the occasion. Note that most comedians are also great hosts, while most professional emcees have a great sense of humour, so you can actually hire a single person to do the job of both. As long as you can get a couple of jokes every now and then, you’re sure not to have any dull moment in your reception.

You can choose any one or even a combination of these ideas to make you wedding livelier and make it more memorable to your guests. If you have other ideas that you know will appeal to your crowd – how about a trivia night wedding? Or a poetry reading? Or even some parlor games if they’re up for it – then you can consider those too. The important thing here is to keep things fun without taking the focus of the occasion from your wedding.

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