Unique Wedding Gifts Given Around The World

Giving a wedding gift to a newly-wedded couple represents one’s affirmation of the union. Hence, wedding gifts are important. However, you would be surprised to know that wedding gifts vary largely around the world. Read this article to find out more.

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African Wedding Gifts

In Africa, some tribes give animal skins, crockery and wedding brooms to the newly-weds. The brooms are to be used in the ritual known as “jumping the broom”, which is meant to represent long-term dedication to one’s partner.

Swedish Wedding Gifts

In Sweden, it is customary for the bride’s father to place a silver coin in the bride’s left shoe, while her mother places a golden coin in her right shoe. This tradition symbolizes the wish for their daughter to be well provided for and well-fed when she enters her new family.

German Wedding Gifts

In Germany, the bride is “kidnapped” before her wedding – that is, friends of both the bride and the groom capture the bride, and demand that the groom perform a series of challenges and obstacles to rescue the bride. In such a way, the groom proves his love for his bride.

This practice serves as a fun way to bond both the newly-weds and their friends together, while at the same time, cementing the groom’s love and conviction for his bride. Moreover, the groom will also be presented with grains to symbolize wishes for his wealth and good-fortune to come.

Holland Wedding Gifts

In the Netherlands, it is a tradition to present the newly-weds gifts of lilies, which are to be planted around their new house. This gift symbolizes the giver’s wish for the newly-weds to be happy in their marriage. Notably, with Dutch policy emphasizing environmental awareness, the ethos and culture of giving trees and plants to one another as gifts has become even more common.

Vietnamese Wedding Gifts

The Vietnamese present pink chalk to the newly-weds as a symbol of their wish for the newly-weds finding marital bliss.

Tibetan Wedding Gifts

In Tibet, friends and family of the newly-weds tie gift scarves around the couple’s necks. These scarves are called kharta, and they symbolize kindness and purity. Sometimes, a couple may have so many scarves tied around their necks to the extent that they are engulfed in them!

Mexican Wedding Gifts

In Mexico, the groom often presents his bride with thirteen golden coins upon marriage. Various items are also presented to the newly-wed couple from their friends and family. For example, personalized and customized figurines of the bride and groom may be made especially and given to them.

Chinese Wedding Gifts

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On a typical Chinese wedding, friends and family of the couple present them with red packets containing new currencies. Traditionally, the amount included in the red packet should be able to cover the cost of the guest’s meal at the wedding banquet. Moreover, if your relationship with the newly-weds is very close, you are expected to give more in your red packet as an affirmation of your close bond. Business partners, if they attend the wedding, are expected to give more in their red packets so as to bolster the business partnership.

There are indeed many traditional wedding gifts given around the globe – each country, and each ethnicity in each country probably have their own unique customary gifts. While these gifts may look very different from each other, they all mean the same thing: our sincere wish for our newly-wed friends to have a beautiful married life.

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