Venues for Outdoor Wedding in Singapore

Holding an outdoor wedding is a dream come true for couples who love nature. This isn’t a problem for couples in Singapore since they have a multitude of options to choose from for this kind of wedding.

Whether the outdoor wedding you’re dreaming of is held by the seaside, in a garden, or in an animal haven, Singapore has all the locations you need to tie the knot. Here are four of the top outdoor wedding venues in the country that we’ve selected, with notes on their advantages, cost and location.

Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa

Rasa Sentosa offers a delightful waterfront wedding experience as it faces the South China Sea. The sunset here is beautiful, which is why most couples that wed in this resort choose to hold the ceremony late in the afternoon.

Starting a pre-dinner cocktail by the beautiful sunset beach is also a good idea, but make sure to request for a marquee to be set up or install huge fans as it can get really warm in the area. Its location is usually what convinces couples to choose this for their wedding venue. With great coordination, guests – whether those driving or going with the resorts transport service – can also get there without a hassle.

The resort’s large halls can accommodate over 400 guests with a maximum limit of 500 guests. Rates are determined by the packages you’ll choose, which is based on the number of tables you need for your guests.

Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa

Eco Gourmet Café

This restaurant is relaxing and intimate, making it a perfect venue for small weddings. It is also located amidst the Labrador Nature Reserve, which is not far from the city.

The trees that surround the restaurant block the view of the city lights from a distance, giving you the feeling of being somewhere rural. Package rates range from $5,000 to $1,000. Obviously, one downside is that it cannot accommodate many guests. It’s also relatively new in providing service.

Eco Gourmet Café Image

Singapore Zoological Garden

If you’re a couple who loves animals and nature, then you’d definitely love to have their wedding in Singapore’s premier rainforest zoo. Here, you can make a grand entrance as you come in riding a horse carriage – amongst other perks. However, take note that the zoo allows some animals to roam the grounds freely, which might makes some of your guests a bit uncomfortable. Some of your guests may also have allergies towards some animals.

If you want a zoo with tamer animals, you should consider holding your wedding at the Singapore Bird Park.  The park is home to 600 exotic bird species and a cascading waterfall. Pink flamingos that are found near the falls make for a picture-perfect wedding moment.

Singapore Zoological Garden

Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club’s stretch of pristine sand and palm trees planted along the shore make for a scenic beach wedding. It’s also not very crowded, making it a perfect venue if you want a more intimate celebration. The bar, the restaurant and the infinity pool calls for an extension of the celebration into a wedding party.

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