Wedding Accessories: Ornaments & Favours

Weddings are great, beautiful events that happens all-too rarely in our lives. For this reason, couples and their families should use special accessories to mark the occasion and make it more memorable. Here are nine beautiful items they can use to do just that.


Hair Pieces

A Singaporean bride’s look wouldn’t be complete without a hair piece or hair accessory. Worn right, a hair piece can dramatically add beauty to the bride by highlighting her hair and face and making her shine in her wedding dress. There are many kinds of hair pieces including wedding combs, tiaras, headbands, ponytail bands, bows, bobby pins, barrettes, comb clips, hair crystals, and stylized flowers. A hair piece can look beautifully on its own or matched with a white netting. It’s important to note that hair pieces may look differently depending on the hairstyle, so brides are encouraged to try out different matches before the actual wedding to see which combination looks best on them.

Crystal Hand Bouquet

For the non-traditional brides in Singapore, carrying a crystal hand bouquet to the wedding may be a great way to show one’s individuality and bring an extra sparkle into the occasion. Crystal hand bouquets are made of synthetic crystals that are taped together in the shape of flowers or petals until they resemble a flower bouquet, and then finally bound with a ribbon. Crystal hand bouquets usually follow the colour theme of the wedding, but brides may also use other colours if they want. Apart from its novel beauty, crystal hand bouquets also have the advantage of lasting much longer because it does not wilt and does not damage easily.

Wrist Corsages

The wrist corsage (also called the wristlet corsage) is a special accessory worn by family members of the bride and groom to distinguish themselves from the other guests of the wedding. It is usually made of a combination of lace, synthetic gems, and flowers, typically of the same kind that is used for the bride’s bouquet. It is commonly worn on the wrist of the non-dominant hand, although wearers are free to put it anywhere they find comfortable, such as on the strap of their dress, on their hand bag, or on the cuff (for men).

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Photobooth and Props

One of the most recent wedding trends in Singapore is the use of a photobooth. A mobile photobooth is basically a beautiful, patterned background where the couple and their guests can pose for timed photo shoots. What makes it great is that photobooths come with props that can be used to add comedic effects on the pictures. Some common photobooth props are tiaras, funny hats, parasols, fake moustaches and kissy lips (these are often taped on a stick and worn in any way the users please). However, some photobooth props are sold or rented separately. The shots from the photobooth are usually compiled on CDs and given to the wedding couple.

Paper Favour Cups

Using paper cups to hold your wedding favour is another new wedding trend in Singapore. What’s great about paper favour cups is that they are easy to customize and lets couples give their wedding favours a personal touch. The design of paper favour cups can be just about anything the couple wants. Popular designs include a montage of the couple, popular product labels, and the wedding monogram along with a special message. The contents of the cups are similarly up for the couple to decide. It can be candies, baked goods or other handy souvenirs.


Favour Boxes

While favour boxes aren’t normally highlighted during the wedding, they could make a lasting impression on the guests, which is why it’s advisable for couples to spend a little extra to make their boxes look more special. The best way to do this is to have the boxes decorated in the style of the wedding theme. Today, the favour boxes can be decorated in just about any way the couple wants. The plain box is still popular and looks well tied with a ribbon or marked with a monogram, but personalised boxes with unusual designs are also gaining popularity (and specially coveted by chic, young brides). Some of these boxes are those in the shape of pyramids, hearts, domes, and even wedding gowns and tuxedoes.

Apothecary Jars

Setting up a candy buffet – a table exclusively for candies and other treats – is a nice and simple way to give treats to the wedding guests. To make this gesture sweeter, couples can rent or buy special apothecary jars to hold and display the candies. Apothecary jars are large glass containers in various size and shapes. Filled with candies and arranged together, apothecary jars look charmingly beautiful and childishly enticing, with a look reminiscent of candy shops. Some vendors of apothecary jars sell or rent the jars inclusive of candies, while others sell the candies separately.

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The candy buffet would look best if the apothecary jars come with unique candy scoops for each type of candy. Having separate scoops for each jar also helps keep the candies from mixing, which might lessen the attractiveness of the candy buffet. Scoops are either silver or plastic, which can be clear or have different colours, and have different shapes. Spoon scoops are for specialty candies that are best served in small quantities, while large flat-bottomed scoops are for candies that can be served in bulk. Merchants who provide scoops also normally offer ladles (for reaching tall jars) and tongs for cookies and other baked goodies.

Paper Bags (for Storing Candies)

A stylish way to pack wedding treats like candies and edible wedding favours is by using customized paper bags. Wedding paper bags are usually made of either brown paper or cardboard cases, and designed with an assortment of decorations, such as ribbons, laces, drawings, stickers and thank-you tags. Paper bags made of brown paper have a rustic look that makes it suitable for simple and homely types of weddings. Glossed cardboard cases, meanwhile, have a more elegant design that is more suitable for grand wedding affairs. Sellers of wedding paper bags often have various base designs, but can also customize the bags according to their clients’ specifications.

The items above are available in select wedding boutiques and wedding merchants in the country. By using these items, couples and their families will make the wedding more beautiful and memorable for themselves and for their guests.

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