Wedding Banquet: Benefits of Booking in Advance

As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Couples in Singapore who make early reservations for the venue of their choice will, of course, be the ones who get it and make their dream wedding come true. Many hotels and restaurants accept bookings months in advance to acknowledge the Chinese tradition of selecting an auspicious date for one’s wedding, as well as to provide competitive rates. In some establishments, particularly those that cater to the Chinese, the management may in fact require clients to book at least a year in advance.

Aside from ensuring that the wedding venue is available for the couple’s chosen auspicious date, booking in advance brings several other benefits. Here are some of them:


1. Advance booking means the client is top priority. It gives couples the privilege to get their first choice in terms of their wedding reception venue. This is particularly true if the venue they are eyeing and their chosen auspicious date is popular. There’s a high chance that these venues get advance reservations on dates that are considered lucky.

2. The old, cheaper rate may be availed through advance booking. Booking one year in advance may allow couple to get rates that apply for the same year of reservation. Rates for wedding banquets often change or increase every year, thus couples can cut cost if they reserve one year in advance.

3. Couples that try to book one year in advance get more options. Whether the option is a five star hotel or a three star hotel, couples that book in advance get to know the options available and have enough time to explore each one.


4. Couples have more places to choose from. In case the first option doesn’t work out, couples still have enough time to look for a replacement venue. Two or three star hotels can be a good replacement venue for a five star hotel considering that it will be used only for one day. The facilities and rooms that these cheaper wedding venues provide might not have the same high quality as those of higher rated hotels, but in terms of food quality, there may not be a lot of difference. Couples should remember that the biggest turn off for guests is bad food followed by a poorly maintained place.

5. Advance booking may come with complimentary amenities and services. Couples that book in advance are also qualified for the complimentary services that venues offer, such as a 50% discount or a free room for helpers and other family members. Some hotels offer it under certain conditions, such as room availability.


6. Wedding venues usually offer discounted deals for advance reservations. This is a win-win situation because the service provider gets cash even without rendering a service yet, and the couple gets to save money.

7. There’s a higher chance of getting a refund if the booking is cancelled. In case the wedding is postponed or cancelled, couples can still refund the amount based on the venue’s cancellation policy. Alternatively, couples can resell the package to interested couples and get their money back, or offer it to a relative that is planning to get marry for the same cost or at a lower cost.

Indeed, booking one year in advance is a more practical option for engaged couples in Singapore. Not only will they get the venue of their choice for their selected auspicious date, but also the many practical benefits that this choice brings.

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