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All you need to know to get the perfect wedding cake

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The wedding cake – its presentation, and the way it’s cut and served – is a symbolic feature and one of the most anticipated highlights of the wedding reception. It speaks of the kind of wedding you have and, if you picked the right one, it’s something you and your guests will surely remember fondly. Here are some tips and suggestions for getting the best cake for your wedding.

Match your cake to your wedding

Your wedding cake should correspond with the type and size of your wedding. The larger your party, the bigger the cake should too, and the more formal the event, the more elegant your cake ought to be. One trendy option you should consider is serving wedding cupcakes to your guests while you and your groom share a simple, moderately-sized cake with the same design. A lot of couples in Singapore are going for this as it can be easily appropriated for any size and kind of weddings.

Use pictures on your selection

In most cases, the wedding cake is appreciated more for how it looks than for how it tastes, so its aesthetics is very important. Make sure that you have a beautiful wedding cake by browsing through magazines, websites and baker catalogues to explore your options and get ideas on how you’d like your cake to look. When meeting with your baker, show him or her pictures of cakes with features that you’d like to have on your own wedding cake.

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Observe your theme and background

When designing your cake, you should also take inspiration from your wedding theme and decorations. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you might want to put shades of blue and mocha on your cake, while a cake with green accents and floral décor would suit a garden wedding beautifully. Here in Singapore, some couples also decorate their wedding cake with a design inspired by their race or cultural origin.

Secure the quality of your cake

You should visit a few shops and bakeries before making any final decision. During your visit, browse through their catalogues and check their mock-ups to compare their work with the cake you have in mind. You can buy a sample of their cakes to see if it also has the taste you want. If there’s a particular baker or cake maker who you want to make your cake, consult with them about how they can make the cake more suited for your wedding.

Give enough time for your order

A beautiful multi-tiered wedding cake normally takes 2 to 4 days to prepare, and even longer if you’re asking for something with more than three layers or has an elaborate design. If you want to have your cake from one of the popular cake and pastry shops in Singapore, place your order at least 6 months in advance or earlier if your wedding falls during the peak wedding season. Most local bakeries, however, can accommodate requests with just 4 to 6 weeks’ notice, although their work may not be as excellent.

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Place the perfect cake topper

Your cake topper is a way for you to show your personality in your wedding cake. The most popular type of wedding cake topper is a figurine that reflects the relationship and appearance of the bride and groom (often used with a touch of humor). Some couples meanwhile choose to use a topper that’s been passed on from one of their families. Your other wedding topper options are crystals and monograms.

Cut and serve with the right tools

The cutting of the cake is a special part of the wedding ceremony and it would only be perfect if the couple uses their own special knife and server set. For a perfect set, you should have the knife and server customized – usually engraved with your initials or details of your wedding – to show how important the day is. A great set is either made of silver or gold and can be further decorated with a ribbon or crystals.

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