Wedding Cake Pointers: How to Look for the Perfect Wedding Cake

All you need to know before ordering your wedding cake

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A wedding reception wouldn’t be complete without the wedding cake. Apart from being a symbol of your marriage, the cake can also be the highlight of your banquet and something your guests could relish throughout the rest of your wedding program. Here are the important points when selecting your wedding cake:

The Design

Before making an order, you need to know what kind of cake you want. Do you want a round cake or a rectangular one? How many tiers? Do you want it to match your wedding theme? Do you have any particular decorations in mind? Check out the wedding cake catalog of different websites or visit the very bakeshops to get a better idea of what kind of cake will be perfect for your wedding.

The Baker

Not every baker may be able to deliver your dream wedding cake, so it’s best to check what your prospective baker can do before confirming an order. To give your baker enough time, you should place your order 4-6 months before the wedding day, or even earlier if you’re planning to hire a popular baker or if your wedding falls during peak months (June-July or December-February).

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The Topper

While porcelain cake toppers used to be very popular, the trend in Singapore today is to use simple but elegant wedding toppers. Popular choices today for cake toppers are flower- or ribbon-shaped icing, a piece of heirloom, or the topper used by the bride’s or groom’s parents.

Displaying the Cake

Generally, it’s best to put the cake on a table of the same shape (round table for a round cake, etc.). To highlight your cake, you can use a special linen for the table, a wedding cake riser, or put decorations around the cake. The best place to display the cake is near the entrance of your reception or set close to your table.

Cutting the Cake

Normally, the couples cut the cake after they’ve made their rounds around the tables for the souvenir photos and while most people are finishing their meal, although this isn’t strictly followed in Singapore. It’s best to cut the cake early on in the program while everyone is still around.

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Serving the Cake

After you’ve cut and eaten your ceremonial slice, you should send the cake to the kitchen to get sliced and served to the guests. (Make sure that all indelible parts are removed!) To make your cake more memorable, you can add a cup of sorbet, mints, or different sweets beside each slice of cake.

For Outdoor Weddings

Because the weather can get especially hot in Singapore, special care should be taken when you have to serve your cake outdoors. Keep the cake in an air-conditioned location until a few minutes before you cut it. If you have a cake that doesn’t spoil in the heat, a stylish way to present and protect it is by covering it with a light bed canopy.

Saving the Top Tier

One of the oldest wedding traditions is saving the top tier of the cake to be eaten on your first wedding anniversary or on the birth of your first child. If you intend to follow this, inform the person who will slice your cake so that he or she can save it. You can preserve the tier by putting it in an airtight plastic wrap. At home, transfer the cake into a Tupperware and keep it on the freezer.

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