Wedding Cake Pointers: Knowing Which Wedding Cake is Right for You

As one of the most recognizable and celebrated feature of the wedding reception, the wedding cake should be carefully selected so that it reflects the style of the wedding and, of course, be something that everyone could enjoy. Here are the top considerations you should take when ordering your wedding cake:

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The Size and Shape

The size and number of tiers of the wedding cake should depend on the number of your guests and how the cake will be served. For example, if you’re going to serve the cake as the main dessert, then you’ll have to serve more of it as compared to if you’re serving it as finger-sized pair for coffee. On a tight budget? Then get a square or rectangular cake as it can serve more people compared to round, oval or hexagonal cakes. When visiting a bakery or cake-maker in Singapore, inform them about how many guests you expect to serve so that they can advise you properly on the size of your cake.

The Design and Color

To make your wedding reception look more impressive, you can make your cake a part of the decoration. You can do this by placing your cake in a prominent spot of your venue (near the entrance or close to your table) and designing it in the same motif or style as your wedding décor. Some of your decoration options are to adorn your cake with sugar flowers or even real flower of the same kind that you used for your bouquets, and to decorate your cake in the same color as that of your gown or your bridesmaids’.

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Setting Your Budget

The convention is to buy a cake worth 2% of your entire wedding budget. So if you’re spending $15,000 on your wedding, it would be idea to buy a cake that’s worth somewhere around $300. However, note that some catering services in Singapore offer to provide your wedding cake as part of their package or at a discounted price. Also, don’t forget that cakes are priced differently. Apart from the size, the price of a cake will vary depending on its shape (for example, oval and hexagonal cakes are generally more expensive), type (sponge cakes being more affordable than butter cakes), and ornamentation.

The Type and Flavor

How your cake taste is just as important as its presentation, so make sure that that your wedding cake is both sumptuous and palatable. Thankfully, most established bakeries and wedding cake providers in Singapore allow clients to taste their creations first before making an order. And when you do go for a tasting, make sure to also sample the cake’s icing or frosting, which can be just as important as the cake’s body – while the cake’s body gives it its volume, it’s the icing or frosting that gives it its texture.

Photo by La Belle Couture

Saving the Cake

As cakes are pretty delicate and are prone to damages (especially multi-tired and highly decorated ones), you should take care that it remains safe and far from harm. Make sure that the person delivering it from the bakery to your reception hall is responsible and can handle it safely. If you are having your reception in an alfresco setting, keep the cake somewhere cool and only take it out prior to the cake-cutting ceremony. Lastly, you should inform your caterer to save the top tier if you want to use it for your first year wedding anniversary.

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