Wedding Cards: What They Should Say

What message can wedding guests say to express their love and appreciation for the newlyweds?


It’s not just about common courtesy, and it’s definitely not about the frills and fancy lace design. Giving a wedding card is about thoughtfulness and showing your gratitude to the newlyweds for making you a part of one, if not the most important day of their lives.

But what should you write in it? It’s not as common as, say, writing in a birthday card, but the thoughts are pretty much similar and can be expressed in a just few words of sincerity, joy, and love.

Best Wishes

Those two words, which are even printed directly on some wedding gift wrapper, has lost some of their meaning simply due to their ubiquity. To make them meaningful, express what exactly your best wishes are for the couple. This can be quite a long list, so just focus on what you want them to have ahead of them. Perhaps a healthy life in marriage and later a family or their love for each other renewed every morning for the rest of their lives together. Try to be precise and avoid generic wishes: paint what you think would be a good life for them.

Religious Verse or a Prayer

Cite a verse from the Bible or any spiritual text appropriate to the couple or write a brief prayer for them. Any couple who is about to start a life together needs a meaningful prayer to nourish them. The Bible is a very rich source of nourishment for the soul. There are countless texts you can quote that will be an important reminder for the couple to have Jesus in their relationship. You can also write a non-sectarian prayer or spiritual verse. Sometimes, the wisdom of those who came before us is the best thing we can say and the best way to express our feelings.


A Poem

If the couple is particularly fond of literature, it’s a good idea to quote their favorite writer in your wedding card. A favorite poem for example on love and companionship would be perfect. Make sure to still include a few of your own words of thanks and joy that are relevant to the poem’s message as well. It doesn’t need to be a long poem copied from the first verse to the 10th. You can simply quote a few lines that your feel would be most meaningful to them. Don’t forget to note where you copied the lines as the couple may want to read more from the original author.

Lyrics of a Song

Similar with the poem, lyrics of the couple’s favorite song is also a great content in your wedding card. When quoting lyrics of a song, make sure to read the entire lyrics and understand what the song is about, as there are some songs with romantic lines but are ultimately not about, well, true love. (“Every Breath You Take” by the Police is a standout example.) So be careful in your song selection to be sure that it is appropriate and will not be confusing or worse malicious. The couple’s favorite love song would be the safest pick. Feel free to add a few of your own words. That will make your wedding card more personal and, therefore, more heartfelt.

Popular Line from a Movie

Think of the best romantic movie you’ve seen or one that you know that the couple likes, and quote an appropriate line from it. Or you can quote a popular line from their favorite movie character that will make them smile or even laugh when they read your thank you card. It’s important to choose a quote that is relevant to the couple’s marriage or their love story. You can be creative with this content and make it more fun to read by quoting a brief dialogue from the main characters of the movie to make the couple recall the scene and appreciate the appropriateness of your message.


A Sincere Thank You

A card that simply says “Thank You” with your name signed on it could be rather underwhelming. Keep in mind that an impersonal message may be worse than no message at all. Consider that your card reflects your relationship with the couple – so would a simple “thank you” message convey how much you value them? If you don’t like quoting others in your message, you can simply say why you’re thankful or what you are thankful for. Take the time to recall some poignant moments you’ve shared with the couple or that you experienced during the wedding, and then give your thanks.

Expression of Happiness

Saying that you’re very happy for the both of them is not as effective as saying why you’re happy for the both of them. Talk about your beautiful experiences at their wedding and how you feel about knowing their story. Detail the wedding highlights that you enjoyed, and what you gained from them. Those are expressive ways of saying that you are happy for their marriage. Keep in mind that this is only something you say only if you are truly happy and not because of a lack of other things to write on your wedding card.

Remember that your message is best written in your own words of appreciation, so try not to just rely on quotes. A poignant message can stir a wonderful feeling in the bride and groom. Sometimes, a simple message of appreciation from their guests can be the best gift they receive.

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