Wedding Cars That Suit Your Personality

Your choice of wedding car is a subtle way to show your personality. So, grooms-to-be, here’s how to pick a sweet wedding ride that matches your character.

wedding car and bouquet

The Quiet Type
The simple chic of a Mercedes Benz or a BMW is understatedly stylish without succumbing to the danger of appearing excessive or ostentatious. It’s practical too – considering how comfortably capacious it is and how availably it can be acquired. This is for individuals who hate the excess of attention, who believes in the minimalist aesthetic, and who is looking to make a classy and unpretentious entrance to his wedding.

The Loud One
You were always the most fashionable in your clique, even when you were wearing school uniform. You’re the heartthrob, the prom king, the flashy guy that gets noticed the most. You pride yourself in being one notch louder and one fashion cycle ahead of everyone else. Of course, there should be no holding back for your special day. Saddle up in a Ferrari or Porsche or anything that runs faster and definitely more stylishly than all the other cars on the road. Let the whole town know there is no stopping you!

The Sentimental
You find vinyl records and old-school jazz especially endearing. You are one who feels comfortable – happy, even – browsing by yourself in an antique shop. The vintage Beetle or Mini-Cooper sends your heart into a flutter of excitement. For your wedding day, the old Bentley, or perhaps a 1980’s make of Ford, is the way to go. Don’t be surprised if your carrier happens to get more attention than you though.

Photo by Livesnapps

Mr. Provocateur
Go as far out as you can imagine: take a Trishaw, a Bicycle – a horse, if you’re daring enough; Hang tin cans on your car bumper, tie helium balloons and ribbons all over your car… do whatever it takes to do your creativity justice. You were always the quirky and “strange” person around anyway, and there is no shame in being different. Show the world your personality in all its beautiful oddity!

That pretty much sums it for you! Four different dazzling styles to ride to your wedding – all of them stunningly fabulous and fabulously unforgettable.

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