Wedding Catering: Five Tricks to Spruce Up Your Banquet

It’s undeniable that the wedding banquet is the most important feature of the wedding for many guests. Maybe this is because it’s the “grand finale” of the entire wedding ceremony, or it could simply be because food matters – a lot.

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A wedding with a poor banquet or reception, even if it had a beautiful wedding ceremony, could leave guests unimpressed. But have a hearty banquet and everyone can forget almost any other fault. So, here are 5 ideas on how to make your wedding dinner a hit:

A Feast for the Eyes

Intrigue your guests with innovative and unique food presentation: serve soup in a hollowed acorn squash, or bundle stir-fried asparagus with the leaves of leek. Another choice is to fill a coconut shell with coconut shrimp. Be as creative as your imagination allows!

Quality over Variety?

It doesn’t always need a buffet spread to impress wedding guests. There are occasions when less can be more. With just three or four spectacular dishes, you can make a statement of style, instead of having many different tray-passed appetizers serving tonnes of jumbo shrimp and smoked salmon. Such a display would leave a powerful impression without disappointing any one’s appetites.

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Betting on Trendsetting

If you wish to catch the trend train before it becomes passé it’s best to have a caterer who is in the know. Consider some unconventional ideas that your caterer or wedding planner might suggest to you, because an outrageous and novel idea might just be the thing to leave a lasting impression on your guests. What do you think about having your dishes served from a trolley? How about singing servers? Whatever you come up with, make sure that it’s feasible, inoffensive, and that you can pull it off with aplomb.

Honeymoon Preview

Theme your wedding menu in accordance with your honeymoon location! You can, for example, host a luau fare complete with spit roasted pork if you have plans for a Hawaiian get-away. Or you can have your guests seated by teppanyaki booths where they can customise their own servings of fish, meats and vegetables and, for a moment, experience traditional Japanese dining. Capture the flavours and spice of a Spanish spread if you happen to be stopping by Spain in a trip to Europe.

Hey Big Spender

No one should be obligated to spend beyond their means for their reception, but if you can afford a five-star treatment – and if that fits your taste – then don’t hold yourself from treating your guests to a delightful gourmet meal. You can host your reception in the glamour of a private ballroom with professional musicians playing accompanying music. Go for the full, multicourse meal stylishly served by prim, well-groomed waiters. If unafraid to splurge, you may even wish to provide luxury wines to further compliment such a delicate meal.

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