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Perfect Weddings, Singapore’s #1 wedding portal, is proud to present our own Checklist Tool, an online tool that will help all engaged couples in the country have a better control over their wedding preparations and guarantee the success of the most special day of their lives. Here’s what our Checklist Tool has to offer.

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Pre-Listed Tasks

Worried you’d miss something important? Worry no more. The Perfect Weddings Checklist Tool comes with a set of pre-listed tasks that covers everything you need to do to prepare for your wedding. From the proposal, to selecting your bridal items, to the last-minute tasks – everything’s already listed down for you.

Checklist Overview

Over 20 Wedding Categories

Worry that you’ll miss out on a service you need? With 29 categories in all, you won’t have a chance to! Categories you can sort by include and are not limited to: the bride and groom’s attire, finance and budgeting, the wedding party and many more.


Quick Organization

Adding new tasks to your checklist is easy. Plus, the list can be rearranged to a sequence of your choosing. Drag and drop items to move them higher or lower in priority. Each task can also be organized by categories and the periods you intend to accomplish them, so that it’s easier for you to organize your preparations.

Sort by Categories

Need More Details? Introducing Notes

To elaborate more on each item, notes can be attached to each task. In the notes, you can put additional details for each task, such as listing down the different merchants you’re choosing from for your various wedding items.

Edit Items

Progress Checks

With all the things you need to do, it’s easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed while preparing for your wedding. But by using the timeline feature of the Checklist Tool, you’ll always know which tasks to prioritize through all the phases of your wedding planning. And once a task is done, simple check it off your list.


Completed a Task? Strike It Out!

When you finish a task, simply check its corresponding box and it will be “cancelled out” of your list and moved to the bottom of the category. Although marked out, it will still be visible on your checklist for your reference

Strike Out

Helpful Links and Tips

Some pre-listed tasks also come with helpful links and suggestions so that it’s even easier for you to plan your activities and select your partner wedding merchants. In addition, you can also attach notes to each of your tasks in order to keep track of important details and information.


Available Online and On Mobile

The Checklist Tool is just one of the many features and tools you can avail from Perfect Weddings. Simply register to our website and you’ll also get other helpful tools like the RSVP and Guest List Manager, as well as create your personal wedding website and access our large bridal community.

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This tool is completely Free for life. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the tool, please feel free to leave us a message as well.

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