3 Common Wedding Day Blunders and Tips to Avoid Them

When you’re anticipating an event as huge as your wedding, it’s not uncommon to have worst-case scenarios running through your head. What if you trip and fall? What if the food at the reception is terrible? Nobody wants their wedding to be less than perfect, and everyone would take precautions if they only knew what to look out for.

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1. Leaning Wedding Cake

Ask any wedding planner and, more likely than not, he or she has a disaster story about the wedding cake. One particular incident involves an outdoor dance floor that was assembled especially for the occasion over a supporting structure. As people took to the dance floor, it began to shake due to the movements and the table with the cake slowly wobbled until eventually toppling the white tower confection. (Thankfully, the wedding planner, who had already seen one cake fall in a previous event, has taken a preventive measure and removed the top tier of the wedding cake, which was served the following day to the bride’s family.)

Tip: Find a secure place for the wedding cake, preferably a table placed on solid ground and away from areas of high activity, such as the dance floor or a children’s area.

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2. Gowns That Don’t Fit

One wedding consultant we’ve talked to told a story where the bride had taken her dress to a new seamstress to get the zipper to lie flat. The zipper would not close up the last five inches from the top, and the resulting efforts of the bridesmaids, the photographer, the makeup artist, and the wedding consultant all makes this anecdote seem like a retelling of the children’s story “The Biggest Turnip”. As the bride grew frantic, the wedding consultant called the hotel’s front desk. They sent up another seamstress who, to everyone’s relief, managed to get the zipper to close all the way.

Another wedding consultant tells of a wedding where the bridesmaids’ dresses had to be re-sewn because they were cut too tightly and were ripping apart at the seams all the way up the back. A third cautionary tale involves a broken zipper on a bridesmaid’s dress that remained undiscovered until the wedding day because the dress had never been tried on after alterations were done. The problem was solved by a family friend who ran off to a boutique to replace the dress before the wedding started.

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Tip: Have a dress rehearsal in the actual dresses. Planning a photo shoot in Singapore with the bride in her full attire before the wedding day will also help find possible issues with the dress, the veil or her hairstyle. After alterations are done, bridesmaids should be reminded to try on their outfits so that there is sufficient time for amendments before the wedding.

3. Forbidden Foods

Specific issues with food, such as nut or shellfish allergies, or religious prohibitions on pork, beef or other food, must be communicated clearly to the caterer if they absolutely must be observed. Insist on putting it in black and white on the contract in explicit terms to ensure that instructions will be followed.

Weed out potential problems before they happen by taking a leaf from other couples’ stories. But whatever mishaps may happen on your big day, just remember that even if things don’t go as planned, your wedding is still a celebration of your love and nothing should overshadow that.

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