Wedding Day Tasks You Can Delegate to Your Bridesmaids or Maid of Honor

There are things to do on your wedding day that you just wouldn’t be able to attend to anymore – and that’s where your girls come in to help. One of the perks of having an army of bridesmaids is that it becomes easier to manage all the big day tasks as you can have them do things for you. As your closest friends and family, your ladies will gladly be of help on your wedding day. Here are some tasks you can rely on them to handle.


1.Ushering the guests is usually delegated to the groomsmen. But when you have a significant number of guests, your bridesmaids can also serve as usherettes and help the guys make sure that the guests know where to go and what to do during the ceremony and reception. Also, your bridesmaids should see to it that the entourage is ready to walk down the aisle as rehearsed, especially the flower girls and ring bearer.

2. Aside from their task of ushering, bridesmaids should also mingle with your guests and make sure that they are enjoying themselves. Your ladies must be approachable for your guests’ concerns. And while they’re at it, they can also assist your maid-of-honour in making sure that everything is on schedule and that the program will run smoothly.

3. Most guests don’t bother to leave their well wishes and sign in the guestbook especially when it’s left blank on a table with no bridal party to call out to guests. Your bridesmaids will be perfect in overseeing the guestbook by making sure that all, if not most, of the guests will take time to write a warm note and sign their love.


4. From the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner and even up to the reception, there needs to be someone monitoring your gifts for you as you can’t concern yourself with them during the wedding. Let your bridesmaids keep track of the gifts and make sure that you receive everything after your wedding.

5. The best woman to stand as a go-between for you and your wedding vendors is your maid-of-honour. You shouldn’t find yourself getting caught up in a discussion with a wedding vendor during the occasion. You need to delegate this carefully to your maid-of-honour and introduce her to your vendors so that when the big day comes she can take charge of their concerns and make sure that they deliver your requests.

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6. This one goes to your maid-of-honour as well – the privilege of holding your bouquet and arranging your train during the ceremony. Being the woman who stands closest to you as you exchange “I Dos”, your maid-of-honour is the best person for the job in ensuring that your train doesn’t get in your way and that your bouquet is always in good shape.

7. In transiting to the reception, some of your bridesmaids can go ahead of you and make sure that the venue is set up and ready for your grand entrance. There may still be some last minute details that need to be done for your reception to proceed, such as checking that the music and video presentations are on cue and that the persons-in-charge are in place.

Overall, your bridesmaids should help out with errands and other to-dos for your wedding, especially on the big day itself. However, remember to request these things from your ladies with tact and grace. Rely on their willingness and don’t demand from them more than what they wish to help you out with. Their eagerness to help is all that’s needed to make sure that the tasks are managed well.

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