Wedding Day Transportation Guide

Whatever the type of car you ride in to your wedding day, it’s important that you arrive on time and in style. Now, transportation doesn’t normally get the same amount of attention as, say, the wedding gown or the photography. But make no mistake – it is a very important element of the wedding, and one that could spell disaster if you get it wrong.

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You have different modes of transport you can use based on the number of people you need to chauffeur, which will normally include your immediate families, your bridal party, sponsors, and special guests from out of town. By engaging the service of mass transportation, you make it easier for a large number of people to get to their destinations safely and with little or no inconvenience at all.

A large number of guests to ferry around would be a challenge and thus early planning is a must to avoid any issues when the big day finally arrives. Assess the number of people, the kind of transport you will use, the dates and times, and the locations well in advance to be safe.

If you wish, you and your partner could come in your own choice of wedding cars instead. This should complement your style and you have more control on what you want for the both of you. Like any other issues with regards to your wedding, the choice of the car and style you want for yourself and your partner should do well to leave a good impression and memorable sight.

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Do the both of you see yourselves arriving in a vintage car, a convertible like a Mustang or even something classy like a Rolls-Royce? The options to choose are plenty and it’s only limited by the kind of personality and style you want to portray. Just as importantly, your choice should fit your budget as well.

Think about how many people will require a lift on your wedding day. Consider if anyone, especially family and close kin, need to travel together. You may want to pamper them by using the more expensive hire cars and for the others using coach buses. Out of town guests are usually the couple’s responsibility, but it’s a common courtesy to consider that such guests might not have any personal transport or even know how to get around.

Lastly, having relatives to contribute to a carpool saves the time and cost to employ additional car services. However, the issue with ferrying people from point to point may become a daunting task if there are a lot of people to pair up at multiple points.

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Do some calculation to see if it’s worth the effort or, else, you could opt to rent – choose whichever is more practical. Mini vans and buses are considered less orthodox due to the image they portray but do not let that bother you if it gets the job done in the end. Being more efficient at times is more practical than having to scout for a more complex solution.

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